The Wotch

I've been a big fan of the Wotch ever since I first read it over a year ago. The basic story is that Anne is the Wotch (sort of like a witch only different) a magically gifted person with great power and great responsibility. Robin is one of her male friends who very often winds up changed into a girl. (Anne and Robin also happen to be the Artist and colorist/letterer for the comic in real life) This was the first piece of Fan art I did for them. Both Anne and Robin liked it.

A little later on I asked if they needed any filler comics, I hadn't drawn comics in a while and I was itching to try it out again. They gave me the Halloween spot for this on, itís a little long but I'm happy with it.

Over a year later I was kicking around an idea for the character Jason/Sonja, Jason is a guy who got changed into a girl for a while and found out that he likes it. He's very infatuated with his more feminine self. On a bet Sonja went on a date with another guy. Some thing he didn't like much. Here's my take on a possible second date.

Soon after, Anne and Robin asked me if I could fill in for them for a week. I decided to show what life might be like for Xaos, the magical villain of the story, behind the scenes. Here I had him run afoul of his own evil. The lady with the white hair is my creation for the stories. As much fun as Xaos is to draw in his armor I also wanted to draw a gal with him. So I present to you Ms. Peterson, Xaos' secretary.

Even with powerful magic and minions, you just can't fight nature.

and Finaly Xaos gets to blow off a little steam and I get to draw some TFs.

This is the Design sheet I used to draw off of for the Dark Overlord.

And here's the one for Mrs. Peterson.

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