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One of the Mistress's many baths. She spends hours soaking in them. Enjoying their bronze skin.
The Mistress has had many a favorite lover, but sometimes they talk too much. Now they are quiet, but still good lovers.
This was once a man with an insatiable love for women's' feet. He is now one of the happiest of the Sorceresses victims.
This young lady could have been caught in a better pose, but at least there are no pigeons in the Sorceress's garden.
After the Sorceress had turned her into a beast for riding this girl made the misstake of complaining within ear shot of the Sorceress. Now she never complains. At least not out loud.
On occation one of the Sorceress's victims truely angers her. Punishment for that is never pleasant.
These two got intimate in the wrong place.
These two tried to excape through the Forest that surounds the Sorceress's garden. They met Hydra and didn't get far.
This unfortunate girl is just one of many pieces of jewelry that the Sorceress owns and wears.

Hope and Madness

This self righteous young lady tried to convert the Sorceress over to her religion by preaching to her. The Sorceress now lets her act as a warning to all others who try to force their beliefs on to other people.


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