Look Ma' No Hands!

Some people out there just can't handle the fact that I don't have arms. I don't ssee why. I don't misss them. I have some thing much better. My tail.

My tail can do nearly every thing that a human's armss can do.

I can perform acts of personal hygene.

I can use household items.

I can do oragami.

I can do arts and crafts.

I can carry as much if not more that a human.

And if you still don't like it...

Then up your's.

However, there are some things that I can't do.

I can't...
  • ...Type well.
  • ...Ride a bike.
  • ...Do jumping jacks.
  • ...Play the guitar.
  • ...Sing. (This has nothing to do with me not having arms.)

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