Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where are your arms?
A. Naga's don't have armss.

Q. Then how do you do things?
A. Very well thank you.

Q. If you don't have arms why do you have shoulders?
A. So I can shrug.

Q. Do you have scales?
A. No, I have nagahide.

Q. Why do you keep changing your hair?
A. I don't, I change my wigss.

Q. You don't have hair?
A. Nope. Nagas don't.

Q. If nagas are hairless, then what's with eyelashes/brows?
A. They're only skin markings, like my spots.

Q. Some reptiles actually have hair in remote places, why can't you grow hair?
A. I'm not a reptile, I'm a naga.

Q. Reptiles don't actually have breasts because they dont produce milk, how come you have breasts?
A. I'm not a reptile, I'm a naga.

Q. Where are nagas from?
A. India.

Q. Were you always a naga?
A. No, I was once a human.

Q. How did you get changed?
A. I ran into an evil Sorceress.

Q. Do you ever miss your arms or legs?
A. No, I can change back into a human if I want.

Q. Can you smell with your tongue like other snakes?
A. I don't know. I've never been another snake.

Q. Can you sence heat like other reptiles?
A. I once touched the metal part of a fire place,and burnt myself, and I senced that!

Q. Are you cold blooded?
A. I'm hot blooded! Check it and see! I've got a fever of a hundred and three!

Q. Are you poisonous?
A. My venim can transform others.

Q. Are mermaids fish tails the same as yours only with a fin?
A. You would have to ask a mermaid.

Q. Where is your lower private area with that big tail?
A. None of your buisness!

Q. Is there any way I can become a naga? I think nagas are so cool.
A. In real life, I don't think so. In Altered Realities, sure.

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