Naga's Hisstory

Naga's personal Hisstory

I was not always a naga. I was once a normal human until I ran into the Mistress, an evil sorceress. She takes great joy in changing ordinary people into pets and objects. I'm just another one of her acquisitions. I spent many months there as her pet and as her play thing. She changed me into many different thingss, furniture, decorations an of course a naga.

I have recently managed to excape the sorceress, and now I live in the wonderful world of Altered Realities, safely away from her. I don't remember much of my life before the change, but I'm happy as a naga and don't wish to change back to my old self anytime soon.

You can find me on the Altered Realities MUCK usually late at night. (In a previous life I musst have been an owl). I have several friends there, and I enjoy the talks that you can get into. "So what do you think Gillian Anderson would look good as?"

Naga's Creation

I don't know why I picked Naga as my Transformation character. I've always liked all of the different types of half human mythicals, not just nagas. In fact to be honest I like centaurs better.

Naga got started while I was trying to come up with an idea for some stories in a fantasy realm. One of the characters was this evil sorceress with a fetish for transformations. An armless naga seemed like a good addition to her collection. Her having no arms gives the impression of helplessness. Even her name is like that (Its not a name at all, its just a description). Cross that with the sensual curves of a snake and there you are.

When I first got on Altered Realities I had to choose a character, and I picked Naga. I liked the idea of a chracter with no arms who doesn't need them. She seems to be restricted and vulnerable but isn't. I also Like spots (Yes I'm a big fan of Dax from DS9) And fur has never turned me on. (I like petting cats but I don't want to get intimate with one) So a character with no hair is perfect. It could of just as easily been a Satyr named Mira, or a frog girl named Rene.

Naga got attention and grew on me, and when I started drawing TF and created a webpage I thought that I'd go ahead and use her name as my own. That's how it all go started.

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