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Love Bug
This was an interesting request by Fireborn. A rare in progress shot. For some reason I don't draw many of those.
An old favorite of mine.
Henry has a problem.
I had this weird image of a goth Centaur chick stuck in my head. So I drew her.
An Orcamaid
Dinosaur Derrick bothered me until I drew this for him. Still, I'm glad I did.
Miss Piggy
Well not really. This was drawn for Alina. Thanks again for Altered Realities.
You don't want to mess with her.

By the way can you tell that I like Satyr Girls?

No big story for her. I just wanted to draw a Satyr with freckles.
Now just imagine wall paint, or car paint or...
She was a gift to the now gone Hall of Statuary, but she still graces Medusa XL. She was also my first piece of animation. There where two versions of her, and here you can see them both.

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