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Bat is the Mistress's familiar. She's shares the Sorceress's cruel streak. Mean and totally hateful, she spends her day flying around the garden and taunting the statues, and other victims that can do nothing about it.

Diogenes' Goal

Once a man and now turned into cloth and wood, toy sits inanimate until the Mistress speaks her release word and commands her to rise. Then she can move, speak, and play, till the Sorceress gets bored with her and turns her off again. Then she will flop down where ever she is, unable to move.


Even the Sorceress likes fresh milk.
This was once a local witch that decided to try and take over the Sorceressess garden. She now has the run of the fountain.
Sometimes the Sorceress likes to play with her victims in very strange ways.
One day the Sorceress decided to go for a ride around her garden. And this unfourtunate girl jusst happened to be available for a quick change. She later complained about the change and you can now find her in the Objects section.
This is another one of the Sorceresses pets being bothered by Bat.
And yet another one of the Sorceress's pets.
Soon after my escape from the Sorceress she felt the need for a new naga pet. She had just recently found these two wandering near her garden. She took them and warped, merged and changed them until even they didn't know which of them was which. She then gave them their final shape. Now as Hydra she patrols the garden and surrounding forest looking for runaways. When she catches one she'll use her hypnotic gaze to play with her prey, and finaly she'll use her venom to stop them from running away again. Her Venom can transform any living or once living thing (She can't transform stone. So if she turned someone into a statue its permanent). She can always use her own venom to change herself as well tho she rarely does. She seems to quite like her new job.
Another one of the Sorceress' creations. She's always trying something new.

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