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Invasion of The K'N'tara
Here's an odd one, many years ago I drew up a bunch of Centaurs. Well a friend of mine is now writing a story to go along with these four footed gals.

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Words Noah Body

Blue Eye the Pirate
Blue Eye is known as one of the more ruthless pirates in this Galactic arm. A dozen species have bounties on her head. She got her name from a fight she had with her old first mate. The first mate managed to claw her captain's left eye out. The Captain after winning the fight had her first mates left eye taken to replace her's. The overly ambitious first mate was then tossed into a reclamation pit and now makes a great foot stool.

Another Scout to the Phyra's home world winds up staying longer than she planed for.
The current second in command of Blue Eye's ship.
A bank robber and theif in La Dorado.
Panling Invasion!!
General Panling
This member of the Earth's military made the mistake of asking a bored panling how best to fight the K'N'Tara's trans weaponry. She's going to let him figure that out herself.
Julius Dreggs
Julius Dreggs
War and Peace
More victims of the K'N'Taran invasion.

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