Invasion of The K'N'tara

Mankind has been looking towards the stars, wondering what lies beyond them. But only in dreams and the stories of science fiction writers was a response received.

That response came in the form of "meteorites" being sent to Earth. Meteorites that did not burn up in the atmosphere. Meteorites that were actually the first salvo by the K'N'Tara in the conquest of Earth.

The Resistance...

Her (and it's been so long it's hard to remember thinking of herself as anything but a her) home race had been conquered long ago, converted by the K'N'Tara into their subservients. But something happened as they watched this new planet -- "Earth" -- to its response to the conversion drones. Reanna was somehow freed from the genetic programming. She no longer felt the urge to obey every whim of her masters.

Although there is no way to return to her original form, Reanna escaped to Earth in an attempt to stem the invasion tide. Her task may be impossible, but so was her freedom, wasn't it?
Ludwig Roswald

The "Great War" they called it. But Ludwig never saw what was so "great" about it. But when the Kaiser started his push out, Ludwig was proud to take up the call to arms. After all, it was Germany's destiny.

But a year in the trenches changes that. Young Ludwig never could have imagined the horrors he saw, even in his most fevered imaginings. And then the winds shifted for Ludwig. Literally. A strike had been called using the Kaiser's newest weapon: mustard gas. The slight breeze picked up, blowing the gas back. He didn't know anything was wrong until much later, when his skin started itching and blistering. His friends were screaming, blood running from their eyes. Ludwig ran as fast and far as he could, his own vision blurring. He could feel himself dying, spewing forth the vital fluids of his life, when a delusion fell upon him.

A creature from the stories of the Greeks, a man from the waist up and a horse from the waist down, came out of a cave and offered to save Ludwig's life. He didn't ask much, just his eternal fealty. What could he do? He didn't want to die, so he accepted. The creature aimed a strange pistol at him and the pain was gone. He looked down and saw the womanly shape he... no, she... now possessed. The larger body matching her to her savior seemed natural as well.

Chiron, the one who had saved her life was a preliminary scout for the up coming invasion in only a few decades. Chiron needed one last sample to test, but over the next twenty years Chiron fell in love with his new acquisition. Finally he removed the programming in Ludwig's mind and set him free. Chiron was arrested for his act and while running from the K'N'Tara forces Ludwig vowed to avenge Chiron's memory. She has now joined the resistance to help save the rest of her planet before it's too late.

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