Invasion of The K'N'tara

Mankind has been looking towards the stars, wondering what lies beyond them. But only in dreams and the stories of science fiction writers was a response received.

That response came in the form of "meteorites" being sent to Earth. Meteorites that did not burn up in the atmosphere. Meteorites that were actually the first salvo by the K'N'Tara in the conquest of Earth.

The K'N'Tara Forces

Millenia ago, she was one of the greatest warriors of the city-states of Sparta.

Millenia ago, she lead the charge to destroy the man-beasts.

Millenia ago, she was human...

Although his troops were destroyed, the mission was accomplished. The man-beasts returned to their home amonst the stars.

But in a final act of defiance, they used their magic against him, stealing his masculinity and his form. Subjecting him to a cold rivaling the darkest depths of Pluto's heart, he was taken with them.

For years, they subjected her to their trials, testing her, then once again rendering her motionless with the unbearable cold.

Now, she has returned again. Jupiter has cleared her mind of the the whims and desires inhabiting there. But she has sworn an oath of fealty to her once and future masters. Now, she is leading new troops to their goal of conquest of the Earth.

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