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Herapi zapped by K'N'Taran Transweapons are rare. Its takes many days for the programming to set in, if it ever does. Despite this Herapi mares are much sought out by K'N'Tara stallions due to their exotic looks.

K'N'Taran TransWeapons are not always perfect.
Midnight Snack
This is not something you want to see the night before an attack.

Blivit, another gun ready for hire!

Platypuss Zook
the famous Xeno-archeologist! Here she's shown with the "gifts" she's received from the panlings she visits with. Even her robot got new audio sensors.

Zook's Story

Coloration by: Snap

The panling travelled through the stars. Then something drew her attention. Something strange... It tickled her ears, so she went down to see what it was. As she watched, she saw creatures running around, with their little toys sending bursts of light out. It looked like so much fun! She went down and with a change in her form, decided to join in the fun!

Description by Noah Body

This is Critter. She's the mascot for a Herapi raiding vessel. She loves the crew and the captain. They are all very nice to her. They bring her shiny trinkets and tasty treats.

Sometimes when she sleeps she dreams about her old life when she was a brave man who was the captain of a human defense ship and chased and fought the Herapi. When she wakes up she can't understand why she would ever want to hurt her good good feathered friends on the ship.

She often wanders around the ship to visit with her old crew. They are here and there melded into walls or made into funny shapes. She's always happy to see them even thought they seem to be sad when they see her. On occasion the Herapi bring out her old captain's hat and let her wear it. She prances around so proud and all her new friends laugh. She likes it when they laugh.

Her old life is hard to remember but thatís all right she loves her new friends and she's always always happy!

This Computer Tech was on a business trip out of New Scottsdale when his ship was attacked by Herapi Pirates. He soon awoke out of the Reclamation pit to see that he was a spoil for the Mynotaer mercenaries. The fear he felt over being changed like this was only clouded by the fear that he might like it!
A random Panling enjoying a walk on the moon with her favorite Herapi.

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