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Twilight on LaDorado
A Herapi and her Pack Io wandering the wilderness of LaDorado at dusk.

She better hope that programing kicks in quick!
Another day at work
The job is never done!

Not having success with the Infanto-Ray, Borf tries a new tactic... using weaponry garnered from a mysterious race.

Discription By Thom Khatt

A very rare panling!
Goblins love their toys!

Panlings don't seem to get it.
The Witch
Through out pirate space there are rumors about a Herapi who has powers beyond that of normal beings. It's whispered that she can change others with her will alone without the need for reclamation pits. How she got this power is not known but theories abound, from a pact with Dark forces to the tricking of a Panling. All that is known for sure is that no being wants to be caught by her or her crew.

Photo By Deuce

This is a young and upcoming fleshsculptor in her room on a Herapi cruiser with her pet, a baby reclamation pit.

The 51st Platoon were proud. Overwhelmingly so, bordering on hubris. So, it was no surprise when they all went out and had the platoon's emblem tattooed on their arm.

That was, however, before the attack of the Herapi. Lieutenant Guitierrez felt lucky to have survived the Herapi attack untill herded into a Herapi biomorph chamber with the rest of the survivors, coming out as one of the creatures Command called an "Io". Now, she is going to be wearing a different marking... one that the Lieutenant isn't as proud of and one that'll hurt a lot more than a tattoo.

Photo By Deuce Caption By Noah Body

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