The Sorceress

The Sorceress was the one who changed Naga into the form she has now, just as she changed almost everyone who has wandered into her domain. Many have wondered whom she really is, but most who have found out don't get to tell any one else.

She lives in a mansion in the middle of a huge garden filled with many of her victims. This area seems to be hidden away from the rest of the world, surrounded by a dense wood, and once you enter it is very hard to leave. Her domain is a world to itself, cut loose from time and space, and can suck in passers by at random. Scattered throughout her house and garden are statues, furniture, and toys that were once people who wandered into her realm. You will also find those who are still mobile but nonetheless changed.

She herself can best be described not so much as evil but mad. She sees everything and everyone as her playthings. To do with as she pleases, and it pleases her to remake others into new shapes, for new uses.

The Sorceress has two favorite ways to change people. She wants most of her victims to be beautiful women whether they were to begin with or not, and eventually she will tire of her playthings and she will change them into decorations. Sometimes she will change them back to have even move fun with them, but more often she forgets about them completely and leaves them to sit in their new spot gathering dust. She will often bring her victims to her bedroom where she will make love to them and change them in an orgy of magic and lust. The shapes that victims end up in during these nights are sites to behold.

In fact the Sorceress is Prisoner in her own garden.

When she was young. "He" was given over to a Wizard to apprentice in the arts of magic. But this Wizard was a vile and lustful. So he changed his new apprentice into a fetching young lady. As if this wasn't mind warping enough. The Wizard soon got irritated with the girl who refused his advances. He turned her to stone to let her think on the situation. Soon though the Wizard forgot about the young "girl" and her statue gathered dust with the rest of the stuff in his chambers. The Apprentice did the only thing she could. She learned. She watched the Wizard night and day to learn how to perform magic. During the many years that this took she also went mad. Eventually she became as good as the Wizard, and one day Cast a spell so powerful at him that he simply disappeared. Unfortunately this did not change her condition. So for several more years she sat there a statue still and cold.

Then one day a gang of explorers came into the run down Wizard's tower to see what they could find. The Sorceress saw this as an opportunity. She used her growing magical powers and took over the body of one of the thieves, and used him like a puppet. She then changed the body to suit her (She was now used to being female), and proceeded to transform the others at will.

Since then she's made her own house not far away and has been redecorating it as she sees fit. Changing others like she was once changed. She still sits as stone, now in the middle of the garden in the ruins of the old tower forgotten, unable to break the wizard's spell. For this reason the Sorceress may never leave her garden. Her powers can only work for so far. Unable to leave, trapped just like her victims. She is broken and cracked, but she can use others as her puppets, as her eyes and ears. These puppets are still fully aware of what is happening, and when she tires of them or finds a new host she will add them to the garden as well.

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