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Twin Nagha
On rare occasions in humans and other races when twins form in the womb one twin is absorbed by the other. When someone like that is infected with Nagha nanites this is the result. Both Heads have the same personality and memories, however they are separate minds.

This photo was taken by two hunters in the back woods of New Jersey's Pine Barrens. Both ladies claim to have originally been men before seeing this creature and that neither of them had tails or spots before the encounter. Their story is doubtful and the picture obviously a poorly executed fraud.

Photo by Deuce

New K'N'Tara
The Main character for an up coming bonus comic.

Photo By Deuce

Drake is like a lot of veterans from the Seven Worlds War. In order to fight on some of the planets the solders DNA had to be manipulated. Strength, speed, dexterity were all enhanced as well as their ability to survive the hostile environments.

This genetic manipulation technology was also very valuable for recovering troops captured by the Herapi mercenaries. Troops like Drake.

But once the war was over the Human Coalition didn't have the money to reverse any of the changes to its solders. So the veterans have had to put their new abilities to use. Drake for instance is a freelancer who works for the highest bidder. Don't get on her bad side.

Hide and Seek in the Asteroids
The Hubble Space Telescope brings back yet another image from deep space. Photo by NASA
The Critic
Some Panlings actually have the attention span to enjoy art. Though not many can keep themselves from tasting the work. Panlings might not know Art, but they know what they like.
How to
All you need to know about being a cowgirl but were afraid to ask.
Fire Fight!
Earth had become the new front in the war between against the K'N'Tara. The humans had been armed by the Medieza, putting them on an equal footing. Colonel Abubakar Hamam found her forces captured by the humans and was racing to get back behind the front to give her report.
Watch your step!
Day in and day out. The same old grind for Henry as the days wore on. But after stepping on a K'N'Tara Transmine, Henry had a reason to look forward to the future again.

Story by Noah Body
Photo by Deuce

Ask the Expert
Dusting Up
André always enjoyed it when women dressed up in sexy outfits for him. Something about it always just gave that extra "zing" when he saw them. But after being hit by a transblaster beam and transformed into a K'N'Taran filly, he thought he'd never feel that way again. And to add insult to injury, André found himself sent to the ship of Rhondare the Brave -- as cleaning crew! But after a short time with the ship's fabricators, André found the perfect way to attract the attention of the stallion... And sure enough, that "zing" was back!

Story by Noah Body

Cop Tara
Not everyone felt the K'N'Tara invasion was a bad thing. Officer Sara Kruse had always dreamed of a life of fantasy -- mermaids, unicorns... and centaurs. So when the K'N'Tara stormed the area she was defending, she practically ran into their arms. Now she's achieved her dreams is looking forward to help spread it.

Story by Noah Body

Major Samuel "Howitzers" Stone worked his way up through the ranks. From Front line private to Drill Instructor to earning his commission, he was known as one of the toughest of the tough, earning the respect of his men and his superiors. But something happened when his squad lost to the K'N'Tara. Now, after her conversion, she seems to take pride in being as feminine as he was masculine.

Story by Noah Body

At the tastey air and space museum.

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