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Satyr Girl
This was a drawing done for a fan. She looks like she's hanging out at a bowling alley.
Mantis Boy
Another drawing for a fan. I had a really hard time getting the green in this one to work right.
Wereroo Comic
This was an unusual request, a whole comic. I don't think I'll be doing this again soon.

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Going Greek
This lass was drawn for The Artist Round Robin.
This is my version of one of StormDake's wonderful naga pictures. The Sorceress must not have been paying attention when she zapped her.
Wyvern Girl
This was drawn for Christopher Bair. I like how her hair turned out.
A cat with pigtails.
This is a picture of a friend of mine on Altered Realities.
A picture of a friend of Garrison's.
Butterfly & Centaur
This was drawn a long time ago in one of my more surreal phases.
A Sci-Fi Centaur.
Wow! Color!
A centaur of a different color.

A drawing for LeMachi for his story The Chimera Stone.
Techno Satyr
A prize picture from my contest a while ago.
Sasha, from Altered Realities

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