Ms. Magnolia

Adults Only

Born in Atlanta over a hundred years ago this witch has developed a real fascination with turning people into fashion items. Be they clothing or even parts of her own body. But what ever her victims become, at least they will always be in style!

Ms. Magnolia and her Victims of Fashion.

She's at it again.

Somethins missin.

A little too intimate.

She's Back!

The customer is always right!

Road Rage!

Always in fashion!

Fun in the sun.

Photo by Deuce

Myth busted!

A scene from Ms Magnolia's new online Blog.

The South shall rise again!

Ms Magnolia has picked up a new Aprentice, Ezmerelda, Ez for short. However with a fashion sence like she has she might not last long. Check out more on her in Ms. Magnolia's Weekly Blog.

Ez picked a bad time to bother Ms. Magnolia about how she managed to turn some obnoxious girls from her old high school into body jewelry. A scene from Ms Magnolia's new online Blog.

A member of the infamous Hain family and a date rapist gets a free ride on Ez's gremlin from now on.

A scene from Ms. Magnolia's Blog Blog.

Ez and her Boy friend Terry run afoul of a time delayed spell from Circe in a rather public area.

Ez and Terry went to an anime convention. During the Cozplay Ez convinced Terry to play Naruto from the anime of the same name and to do his famous sexy ninjitsu trick where Naruto turns into a sexy girl to distract his foes. With Ez's help Terry was able to pull it off and won first place. Ez thought it would be fun to leave Terry like that for the rest of the con. Unfortunately for Terry even after the con Ez discovered that the spell was much harder to undo than she first thought.

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