The Rubber Brush

This mysterious magical item is the center piece to a weekly bondage party held in a secret location. No ones sure where it came from nor even what all its powers are. It looks like a normal brush with a rubbery handle whose bristles are constantly wet with liquid rubber. This Brush never runs out of magical latex which can be brushed on to any part of a person. The latex can change the body upon which it is painted, making it into solid inanimate but living rubber, or making it into pure air leaving the victim a living inflated doll, as well as leaving it as normal flesh underneath, or any mix there of. Any body part painted with the brush can be reshaped, or painted completely away. A person could brush their legs into those of a satyr, or add a rubber tail, or could have a part removed completely with only a patch of rubber to show where it had once been.

The Brush is very safe, a person with no mouth doesn't need to breathe, and someone painted completely into a rubber form can exist like that indefinably with out need for food or water.

Whatever changes are performed onto a person with this Brush will last until the rubber is peeled away, but only the person holding the brush can peel the latex away. A person so coated canít peel their own latex off without holding the brush, and a person totally made of rubber couldnít even do that, of course.

The Party is very exclusive but if you get an invitation come on in and leave your inhibitions behind.

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