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Ready for action! At least she better be.

A horizontal wobble, or a hobble. A new and popular shape at the party.

Another guest shows up too early to the party. She does look comfy tho!

When she came to the party she didn't expect to wind up as another bad pun. Maybe the pool shark can cheer her up.

This guy crashed the party and didn't know how to keep his hands to himself. A quick coat of rubber took care of him. Whether or not they ever peel him has yet to be decided. "No" still means no even at rubber brush parties!

She's got legs... and she knows how to use them!

Coming and going!

Half the fun of these parties is getting to play with the toys, and getting played with.
The Rubber Artist
A little while ago a new guest started showing up to the Rubber Brush parties She quickly got a reputation for coming up with some very interesting anf fun shapes. theres often a line of people who want to be painted by her.

And here's two gals who did get painted by her.

Some people come to these parties to take a load off their mind.

Others just like to hang around.

Finaly someone had the good idea to bring a camera to the party.

Sorry about the pun.

Wobble action in color!

She always loved coming to the rubber brush parties. After all, they know just the right way to make her breasts stand out!

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