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It went straight to her hips!

The girl with the Tattoo on her back side had an idea for a new way to use the brush. She convinced one friend to do it to her and another friend. She's haveing a ball now, and if her other friend is unhappy she's keeping quiet.

Ways to use the brush keep growing.

There's always one joker at a party.

A nice summer day in the pool.

No that's not her lower half. This gal showed up early for the party (Probably on purpose), so she gets to be a decoration, her top half painted away. She can neither see nore hear, but she can feel. So, Please Touch the art!

Yes its a bad pun, but she doesn't seem to mind. Tickle tickle.
Mistress Hellen
Since the owner of the Brush likes to stay in her own room with her guests during the parties Mistress Hellen is the Hostesses in charge. He, er She is coated from scalp to toes in rubber, and she makes sure people don't misbehave. Anyone who does has the party's security called on them and they are quickly painted into something that will stay out of trouble.

These two are a lot closer than most friends ever get.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the pool.

Rubberbrush Menu

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