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James thought he finally got it through to the genie just what an automobile was. Having worked on them all his life, he always wanted something sleek, something with great lines, something with a lot of horsepower and something really sexy. But looking down at what his wish got him, she realized that the genie just didn't quite have it yet.

Story by Noah Body

It looks like Elizabeth may be sticking around in Mexico longer than she expected.

Photo By Deuce

The Gender terrorists strike again!
Any machine can be improved upon,' Derrick thought, as he tore into the wiring of his Moo Machine. His degrees in electrical and mechanical engineer proved him in good stead whenever he purchased new equipment. 'Replace this transformer with a more powerful one, this circuit be made more efficient though a new semiconductor,' he mumbled, soldering and rebuilding as he went. 'And who still uses that?!' After several hours, he looked at his work. 'Stupid engineers who don't stay up on the cutting edge don't deserve to work!' Finally, he closed it up, his work completed. When he plugged it in, the smell of acrid smoke and a puff told him something was wrong. He tried to move over to unplug it, but it was too late. Derrick finally realized two things: That there were sometimes reasons for using older methods, and that he had voided his warranty.

Story by Noah Body
Inspired by Branzent

June 17, 2006.
Reports of strange creatures have been filtering out from Hegaman National Park in upper Indiana. Visitors to the park have reported seeing centaurs, the mythical half-man/half-horse creature, roaming amongst the trees. Allegedly, the local college football team, the Westchester Stallions, had attempted a magical spell to help them win over their rivals, the Michigan Phoenixes, by "granting them the power of the horse." The spell worked too well, transforming them -- and anyone who walks into a quarter mile around the site into centaurs, as photographer Jerry O'Neil discovered. Even more perplexing is that the transformation always also follows a male/female pattern, creating an even number of the sexes amongst the transformees.

"The change itself isn't so bad," O'Neil stated. "Now, if only they'd stop calling me 'April'".

Indiana State Troopers have barricaded the area to prevent people from entering, despite the attempt of numerous people to sneak in.

(Addendum: photographer Jerry O'Neil has taken a leave of absence under the Maternity Leave Act.)

Story by Noah Body

And now back to the story.
Ever since the centaur Alex worked on his armor at Narhm's forge, she hadn't been able to get him out of her thoughts. His muscles, his flanks, even that funny language he talked. All of them just spurred her passions for him even more. If only he was Toronese...

Narhm jolted up from her sleep. That was it! Quickly dressing, she ran down to Jahme, the potion maker and in short order, was walking away with a potion to correct that little problem.

The next morning, Narhm slipped the potion into Alex's food. And, yes, the potion worked perfectly! Well, almost perfectly. Narhm had told Jahme the race she wanted Alex to be but failed to specify the gender.

Photo by Deuce
Story by Noah Body
Characters from Accidental Centaurs

Dance Dance Dance!!
Have hooves, will boogie!
Hank had a bad feeling about this story. Bad enough the magical contagion caught his partner Jerry, leaving him as a female centauress. But going out to interview the scientists who were looking for a cure for the magical contagion? Boring! But as he left the lab, Hank got the feeling that the labs containment protocols were not up to snuff, and that the story might be getting a bit more interesting.

Story by Noah Body

Sea Cow
Visit Sunny Florida, and stay a while!

Yet another attack by Gender Terrorists!

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