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Another Thief
The greatest treasure of the Bull Tribe' was what was promised. All he had to do was brave the traps, passages, and hazards of the missing race. And brave he did. But when he reached it, all that was there was an oddly shaped wand. When he grasped it and it transfigured him, she realized that what is one person's treasure may be another's trash.

Story By Noah Body

It dawned on her now why that gal in the witches costume said 'Trick and Treat' !

Story By Noah Body

Toss Maid
Even Aliens like to dress up for Halloween.
Ez and Terry
Esmerelda loves being Ms. Magnolia's apprentice! And, although talented, she does seem to have the occasional mistake. Just ask her boyfriend Terry...

Story By Noah Body

The Boy Wonder
Usually, Bat-Mite's visits — although annoying — were oftimes filled with chaotic hilarity. But this time, when Tim Drake tried explaining exactly what a robin is, he wishes he hadn't.

Story By Noah Body

Working Taur
Jose Cordova was never adverse to hard work. So, when the call went out for several workers for a specialty garden, Jose was one of the first to sign up. Now, she wishes she had read the fine print… but the pay is good!

Story By Noah Body

Tracy and Chad both adjusted to their new forms rather quickly after their transformations. Of course, only one of them did it by choice....
Some people will do anything to find a good source of truffles

Story By Noah Body

The Courier
Strange things can happen in the Mojave Waste land, especially with random strains of the FEV (Forced Evolution Virus) floating around. Still it makes deliveries easier.
Soon after His experience with Apollo the Sun God, Kirk began to notice minor side effects to being exposed to an entity of mythology..
Norse Taur
Sigrid took it upon herself to seek vengeance against the witch of Heiffelheim after the menfolk of her tribe were transformed into simple beasts of burden, only to befall a similar fate, herself. Little did the witch realize, however, that Norse warriors are just as adept at fighting from horseback...

Story By Xeno

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