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Beta Test
Even brilliant Scientists like Dr. Krank have set backs.
It takes all kinds!
Neko Samurai
The Samurai sought out a powerful Sorceress in order to gain the speed, agility, strength, and poise of a great cat. He got it!

Community Service
Janice was not happy with the Judge when he sentenced her to community service. It wasn't her fault that she dropped her CD in the car and hit the hydrant while reaching for it. She was much less happy when Judge turned out to be a member of the magical Hain family and made sure the punishment fit the crime.
Jim Bag
Jim was always teasing his next door neighbor, Robert. Robert was short and dumpy, not athletic like Jim. Fortunately, the new health spa not only gave Bobbie a new, trim shape, but also had Jim helping support the workouts.

Story By Noah Body

Wand Fun
Ever since Amy got the magic wand away from her room mate, she's invited her friends over to try out the fun of magic. Marcy and Tank are two of those friends.

Photo by Deuce

More Wand Fun!
With the Help of the magic wand close friends can get very close indeed!
Pillow Girls
Being a pillow must be hard work, they always seem to be sleeping!
4byNo and BL!
Introducing Two new superheroes ready to fight crime and save the world, Four Breasted No Armed Woman and Bodyless Lass! Evil doers beware!

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