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Fairy Core of Engineers
Good fairy rings don't just grow on their own. So it's up to the hard working and fun loving Core if Engineers to plant and maintain them, especially the magic ones. Whether they grow natural or used to be someone, these magic shrooms are often moved and replanted to spruce up and protect Fairy turf. So be careful when invading Fairy territories, you might wind up added to their defenses.
A portrait of the artist as a drunken cowgirl dancing in Valley Forge
Have hooves, will boogy.
Spoiler Alert!!
The True ending to the Deathly Hallows.
Wand Fight
Amy's a normal Collage student, her room mate is not. Melissa, is a witch in training, and she lords that over Amy any chance she can. Despite that Amy still tends to get the upper hand, even when she has none.
Gifts from the Collection of Ms. Duzia
A long time benefactor of the Museum of Art and Antiquities, Ms. Duzia has once again given the Museum two more wonderful statues that date from the early Greek period. Both apparently show an Amazon warrior being surprised by something. Its amazing how life like these, as well as all of Ms. Duzia's gifts, have been. She says that the statues have been in her family for a long long time. However as she keeps getting new ones she simply must make room, and has been forced to give them over to the Museum for display.
Krank's new toy MK2
For days when you can't be bothered with having limbs.
A ninja always completes their mission, no matter what spell or spells befall them.
By clicking this picture, you are volunteering to take part in one of The Wotch's favorite past times. The Management cannot be held responsible for any permanent changes that occur hereafter. Thank you
Maggen the Red
Here we have another gift from Ms. Duzia to the Museum. Itís a statue of Maggen the Red, a pirate who hunted along the Atlantic trade routes. Like the other statues from Ms. Duzia's collection this one is masterfully done. Everything, including her pores and her numerous battle scars, are perfectly rendered in fine marble, and the way the artist combined Maggen's real jewelry and weapons into this piece truly makes it stand out. One final bit of trivia is that this seems to be the last work of art featuring the infamous pirate, as some time around the making of this statue she disappeared never to be heard from again. To this day no one knows what happened to her.
Visiting Crossworlds
Echo, Reflection and Shadow get used to their new bodies as they enjoy the sites in Other space.

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