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"I'm tellin' ya, Billy, this little beauty can do almost anything!" Jeff ran his hands over the odd looking television remote almost lovingly. "Watch this!" Jeff pointed the remote at one of the nearby women, pressing one of the channel buttons. An odd hum could be heard as the unfortunate lady stood stock still, surrounded by a green glow. Suddenly, she disappeared, having transformed into a pink pair of undergarments.

A gift drawing for JMD. Penciled by Anne Onymous of The Wotch, Story by Noah Body, and inked and colored by me.

Cat Girl Friend
As Bill walked in the door, Jack was having second thoughts. The Orb of Ornagani was powerful -- it could reshape and reform anyone. But there was a method, a ritual, for activating it's great power. The first step of many was to disconnect you from your old life. And it required a betrayal to do it. As Jack looked at the Orb again, the magics swirling inside of it snapping him back to his original plan.

"Bill, wanna see a magic trick?"

"Sure! Whatcha got?"

Jack chuckled. "Nothing up my sleeves..." He held the Orb high as the magics flowed out of it, surrounding Bill.


Bill staggered, shocked as he looked over her new form. The soft fur and tail was bad enough. The full breasts and shapely hips were worse. But when Billie saw Jack walking towards her, holding a belled collar for her, she knew this was only the beginning. "M...Meow?"

Penciled by Anne Onymous of The Wotch, Story by Noah Body, and inked and colored by me.

Happy Easter!
Jane loved Easter, but not as much as she loved the day after when all that chocolate went to 50% off! She tended to eat chocolate bunnies all day long, often till she felt ill. However you can have too much of a good thing, she started to feel weird, not sick, just strange.

She stumbled to the kitchen for an aspirin when she noticed her skin was darker. She stared at her hand as it took on a browner and shiny look. She felt and uncontrollable urge to sit on the counter. All she could thing was that food didn't belong on the floor. Her Clothing faded away like fog in the morning and she sat there nude, and the kitchen seemed to get bigger as she started to shrink. She brought her legs up and tucked her arms in at her sides. She couldn’t move to see her new tail nor her new long ears. The fog that was her clothing condensed around her neck into a nice pink ribbon sealing the transformation.

As she sat there unable to move, or even blink, she thought to herself, "I am what I eat!"

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Cowgirl
Just like when you make a face too often and it can stick that way, Darin discovered that drawing too many cowgirls can likewise have unforeseen consequences.


Murry and Lewy
In order to try and make it up to Lewy for getting the both of them turned into gals Murry treats him to a vacation. Sadly Murry didn't check the credentials of the Travel agent first.
You caught a Fairy!
A side effect of all that Fairy dust, or payback for all those fairys he's put in bottles?

Jack Long was working very hard as the head prosecutor investigating the strange cases of the Cursed Pants. But after a sip of his coffee he realized that now investigating Cursed Cream might be a higher priority for him.

Explaining this to the DC cops would not be easy.

Photo By Deuce

The Witch of the Woods
Off to the West of the Town of Crossworlds is a dense forest. Rumors and stories abound about the strange things, monsters, and people that inhabit the woods. But not many people tell about this slithering magic user. The ones who run into her seldom are able to talk anymore.
Lusty and the Cleric
Two characters from an upcoming Bonus comic.
Krank's new toy
Dr Krank works day and night to fix all of society's woes.

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