The Contest

Naga's Den has sponsored its first ever contest. The rules were simple. Either draw or write about the Sorceress or her victims. The best entry will get a free drawing of whatever they want and will also get a cameo in the next Robin and Cindy comic. Stories must be 1500 words or less, the shorter the better.

And now For the Winners!

For best Story There's a tie! I couldn't deside Between two stories. So both writers will be getting the same prize. And the Winners are "Broken" By Dr. Mercurious, and "Hope and Madness" By LeMachi. There were many other very good stories but these two truly caught my eye.

As for the winner of the Art section This also wasn't easy, but West Green's Transformation sequence is in my opinon the best of the bunch, and so he's the winner.

Now I'm going to pick out some of the others that gave me such a hard time decideing on the winners.

What's your story was very nice and the well rendered art didn't hurt at all. I also liked The Posting, and Appraisals.

Kudos to Destrier and his dear girl for inspiring this contest. Also great job by Sebation Rubber Mage, you came in a close second for art. And much credit to Etc. for his wonderful drawings (He would be getting third place) I hope to see much more of your stuff in time. And D.M.A. How's artwork I also really like.

I thank all of the people who entered and I hope to do this again sometime. You're all very talented so please keep up the great work.

Darin Brown

If you have any questions then Email me at

And now for some entrys.


Nice Beaver Diogenes' Goal Broken Legsy
A story by The Mad Titan. A story staring Bat, the Sorceress' familar.
By Dr. Mercurious.
Another tale By Dr. Mercurious, this one a bit darker. A story and picture from DippeeDawg, of a man who was too honest with the Sorceress.
Chrissie Milk and Cookies Milk and Cookies part 2 The Posting
A story By C3PO13. A story by TransDemon, a prelude to more stories. Part 2 of the story by TransDemon The Sorceress needs a few good men. Story by Aayrick

Hope and Madness Cephilia What's YOUR Story Mimic
Jewelry has a different point of view, a story By LeMachi. Story of a new addition to the Sorceress' payrole, story and art by Drakli. An intimate view of one of the Sorceress' rooms and the Victims there, story and Picture by Duece. The Sorceress gets back at a nasty reviewer in this stroy by Farsan de Arnibia.

Diary The Sorceress' Lair Appraisals Back To Basics
A look at one of the victims diarys. (I've lost the name of this Writer please contact me) Robin and Cindy get into the Act in this story by Regal A story by Havermann A story by Yakdance


Destrier's Deer girl. (What becomes of some of the Sorceress'girls too timid or shy to make good lovers). A large sequence By D.M.A.

"It's never a good idea to try on the Sorceress' clothes behind her back..."

And from Damed 1 A picture of his character from his story The Assignment, Arachne.

Four seperate entries from Mintz.
When looking for furnature, comfort is of the most importance. She made the mistake of calling the Sorceress a ho. Talking all the time, now she just gets to listen. (He swears this one was done before he saw the other doe) Caught in the headlights.
Another picture by DMA. How the Sorceress surfs the net. An image by Niagargoyle Sebastian Rubber mage presents us with this collection of victims. A drawing by Tangent of him after a visit to the Sorceress.
Tangent's first visit to the Sorceress And his second. "Sometimes the sorceress's lovers feel unsatisfied. This one accidentally told Bat that she wanted a REAL prick for once." A sequence of images By West Green
Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4
Image 5
Image 6

A mermaid by F-ckHead A tiger girl By F-ckHead We have no idea what happened to these two, but I don't think they're too happy about it. In case you're curious, one head controls the upper half of the body, while the other controls the lower half. Art work By Etc. The remains of three overconfident adventurers who had sought to earn fame and fortune by defeating the Sorceress. Currently serving as her personal bodyguard(s), as well as one of the more unusual additions to her menagerie. Art work By Etc.

Formerly a person of considerable power and wealth, as well as a self-professed dog lover, who made the mistake of getting on the Sorceress' bad side somehow. No longer wealthy or powerful, she is now a 'dog lover' of a very different sort. Art work By Etc. A woman into a Fly trap by Phil.

All artwork is copyrighted by it's respective owners.

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