The Posting

by Aayrick

I'd been traveling for some time and had almost used up the little coin that I had managed to earn in the previous village. As I walked along the dirt road towards the near town, I hoped that they would have a job posting board and something that I could do. I also hoped that it would come with room and board, but I wasn't about to get my hopes up too much. It wouldn't be the first time I'd had to take a job and sleep under the stars in order to save some money. As I walked down the main road of the town, my hopes sunk as I noticed that it wasn't much more than a hamlet. I sighed as the clouds overhead began to release their content of rain, which meant I would probably have to part with most of what I had left in order to stay warm tonight.

I looked around and found what was probably the only tavern/inn in the village. I walked up to the front door and noticed the board outside which had a few little postings fluttering in the growing wind. With a shrug I decided to look at them before I went inside, on the off chance there was a prospect of a decent job or at least a place to stay in exchange for some work. Almost all of the posted notes were badly written messages for people to meet up or stuff for sale. One in particular seemed to draw my attention. It was very neatly written and to the point. "WANTED: SOMEONE TO BE A NIGHT GUARD AND ERRAND RUNNER. EXPERIENCE A PLUS. OPEN MIND AND WILLINGNESS TO TAKE CHANCES A DEFINATE PLUS." I thought to myself that it looked promising, but I wasn't sure about the last part. I read on and saw that the location for the job was just out of town. I decided to take a chance and turned up my hood and headed out to see if I could get the job.

The walk up to the house was interesting. It was surrounded by a huge garden, many strange shapes could be seen through the growing gloom and rain. There were lots of what looked like statues, all were female looking, though many weren't completely human. Many of the plants also looked to be shaped in female forms, though it was hard to tell at times what was real and what was just illusion cast by shadow. As I neared the house, something flitted by my face and I started. I looked around, but it was gone. "Must have been a bat" I thought to myself. Though I could have sworn it looked vaguely human. I took a breath and shook my head as I stepped up to the front door and grasped the knocker and let it fall a couple times. Then I stood there and waited, looking around a bit, trying to shake some of the water that drenched my cloak off. As I was doing this, the door opened and I turned to see a very regal looking woman standing there. "Uhm...hi...I'm here about your posting" I stammered, feeling pretty awkward. She gave me a blank look for a second and then gave the look that people give when remembering something that they'd forgotten, smiled. "Of course, the posting down in the village. Please, come in out of the rain and we can discuss the job." I nodded and took my cloak off as I entered, looking around. She pointed out a stand for me to put my cloak on to dry and I hung it, noticing that the face on the top of the stand was that of a woman who looked scared. I shook my head, thinking about how odd this place was so far and wondered if coming here was a good idea after all.

As I hung up my cloak, I couldn't help but feel that she was studying me intently, though when I turned, she was just smiling. "Here, you're still soaked" she said and gestured. Immediately I was engulfed in steam as all the water in my clothes evaporated, leaving me dry and warm again. I just stood there, mouth agape as I realized she was definitely no ordinary person. She just laughed 'Come now, I'm sure you've seen magic before. That was just a simple spell. Nothing to be afraid of." I closed my mouth and nodded "I'm....sorry. Just took me by surprise. I wasn't expecting you to be a mage" She smiled at me "Actually I'm a Sorceress, but I guess there's little difference." I nodded and followed her into another room where she motioned for me to sit down as she took a seat on a very ornate chair. She watched me as I sat down, as if measuring me, looking deep into me. To be honest, it scared me, but also at the same time, gave me a little thrill. "So, You've come for the job." She stated and I nodded. "Yes. It seemed the most promising I'd seen offered in a while." She nodded and sat back in her chair. "Tell me. Are you open to change?" As she said this, a small figure flitted into the room and I realized it was the bat that had buzzed me as I was coming to the door. It landed on the Sorceress' shoulder and she gently petted it. I could see it was grinning. "Uhm, I guess...though I'm not sure what you mean by change." She just grinned at me as she answered. "You're hired. The pay is room and board for as long as you have the job. You'll start right now. But first, I need to take care of a few things for you that will help you with your new job" I blinked and stood up "Really? I have the job? Wow..." Then I thought for a second "Uh. What things?" I asked as I felt a weirdness suddenly envelope my body.

She just smiles as she moved up to me. With a touch of her hand, my clothes disappeared leaving me naked in front of her. I blushed fiercely as she slowly ran her hands over my body "oh, just a few alterations to make you more suitable for this job." A shiver went through my body as her hands explored my form and began the changes. She started with my legs and feet, slowly moving her hands over the flesh as it moved and flowed, following her wishes. The skin took on a grayish cast while my feet became larger, the toes merging so that I only had three, long talons replacing the small, stubby toes I'd had. The changes also forced me to stand on the balls of my feet, my knees slightly bent. A moan escaped me as I watched, unable to move, the spell holding me in place as my body was slowly reshaped. The changes continued up my legs, my hips widening as the skin became gray. All hair from my waist down was now gone, replaced by smooth flesh. She moved around behind me, hands moving over my rear and lower back. I gasped as I literally felt her hand push into my lower back and grasp my spine, pulling on it, making it stretch, pulling the muscle and flesh along with the rapidly growing bone, forming a long, thick tail out behind me. I trembled, feeling the new appendage twitch in her hand, wondering what else she had in store for me.

I didn't have long to wait to find out as she moved around in front of me, all the while, her hands never leaving my skin, making it become gray and smooth. She slowly caressed my chest and then down my arms, making the skin there change to match what was covering most of the rest of my body. My hands became clawed and four fingered, a little spur pushing out from each elbow. I felt her run her hand through my hair and it rapidly grew longer, soon falling down past my shoulders. She smiled and drew me into a kiss as my face pushed out slowly, becoming some kind of long muzzle, my teeth becoming sharp, my tongue long and pointed and slightly raspy. My ears stretched, becoming pointed as two horns pushed up and back from my head, curving back gracefully. A glance in the mirror showed a very odd looking creature and I realized that there was a definite feminine cast to my body now.

As if she were reading my mind, she grinned and slid her hand down between my legs, caressing my smooth member and testicles. I moaned, instantly becoming aroused at her touch only to feel a strange, erotic pulling sensation developing inside me. My testicles were pressed against my groin, then pulled up inside my body where I felt them move deep inside, a new passage and chambers developing within me in the process. My shaft tingled as she gently pressed it against my developing folds and I could feel it shrinking, disappearing inside me as I now had a very womanly set of folds between my legs. She wasn't done yet though. Her hands moved up and caressed my chest, playing with my nipples, which she gently tugged on, sending tingles of pleasure through my body. I moaned as my chest slowly expanded, the flesh puffing out into full firm breasts, my nipples large and firm from her attentions. She had made me fully female and taken most of my human form away all at once. I trembled at what she was doing to me, but another side of me found this to be an incredible experience, very arousing as well. She stepped back, as if to take stock of the changes she'd wrought on my body, frowning as if she didn't think something was right. A glint appeared in her eyes and she moved to me again, her hands resting on my hips, just in front of my pelvis. I shivered, wondering what more she could do to me.

She grasped my flesh and pulled, my body responding to her wishes and expanding. Slowly, she drew two long appendages from my body and shaped them into another set of legs. This puzzled me as my body now looked very awkward where as before, it just looked strange, exotic. Slowly, she caressed my hips, making them expand as my two sets of legs slowly moved apart, stretching my body between them. This caused me to moan as my new female genitals moved back under my tail, leaving smooth flesh between what were becoming my forelegs. My body slowly grew and stretched, becoming larger as I felt my organs shifting around, altering and growing as she made me slowly into some kind of strange centaur like creature. My new flanks heaved as my lower body filled out, looking like I would be very fast on my taloned feet. Sleek and powerful was the image my new body gave off as I felt the changes subsiding. She smiled at me, slowly caressing my smooth gray back and sides. I trembled, looking at her, noticing that my eyesight was much clearer, in fact, all my senses had drastically improved. "What...What have you done to me?" I rasped through unfamiliar lips. "I have made you into the ideal form to carry out your new job as night guardian and messenger." She responded with a grin.

I shivered, once again looking at my changed body. She took my taloned hand in her's and led me outside, my gait a bit awkward at first, but rapidly I found myself getting use to being quadrapedial. I realized that it actually felt pretty good, this new body of mine. She led me out onto a balcony that overlooked the garden and I noticed that it was almost dawn. As I looked out, she slid her hands over my back and sides "You make a beautiful gargoyle, my dear. This will be your resting place during the day." I glanced back at her and started to respond, but at that moment, the first rays of dawn hit me and I found myself turning to stone, a look of surprise on my now reptilian muzzle. "Oh, I forgot to tell you, gargoyles turn to stone during the day. So your other duty is to be an ornament on my balcony" She mentioned as I finished my transformation into a statue. She slid her hands over my stone skin and grinned "I love the look of surprise on her face. Mmm....I think she'll fit right in and make a wonderful guardian and messenger. As long as I don't need her during the day, that is." With that, the Sorceress walked back inside to think about the coming night's fun with her new employee.

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