by Farsan de Arnibia

The loud noise of a bellow suddenly awakened Helen. Startled, she opened her eyes and found herself naked in a small and empty stone room with no traces of doors or windows; an eerie red light glowing from the walls allowed her to see.

Panicking, she hammered the stonewall screaming for help, but with no results. She felt the room going hotter with each blow of the bellows, which also made the glow brighter.

She stood in the middle of the room, fearing that she was going to be cooked alive, but then she realized that the heat wasn't coming from the walls, but from herself!

Sobbing, she fell to her knees, not understanding what was happening to her. She felt the heat slowly invading her rational thoughts, filling her mind with the heat of lust. Soon she lost her self-control and started fingering herself in a frenzy.

Each orgasm she achieved only increased the heat, and she thought she was going to burst in flames, but instead she started melting away!

She lost her grip on her pussy as her entire body melted into a red liquid. Still mad with desire, she extended and tried to rub herself with the stone floor and walls, but the smooth surfaces didn't provide any relief.

And from her own chambers, the Sorceress watched the show in a magic mirror with a grin.

"Wait a bit more, Carla, and I'll show you who is the decadent and unimaginative one..."

For every art there are critics, and transformations weren't the exception.

TFReview Inc. was a small multi-dimensional company, which only printed a monthly paper: The "Body Shapers Magazine". It featured all the new advances in the TF field and reviews of the famous designers' works. Picture it as a specialized fashion magazine for TF fans and artists.

The magazine would be now multiverse-wide famous if it weren't for one thing:

Their star art critic was a bitch.

Carla Marquis was a genius appraising bodyworks; she easily could pinpoint any errors on TF works without sweating, so TFReview quickly issued a good contract for her. Sadly, that was before they discovered her problem: she was heavily biased against lesbians, and those she didn't like were appraised very unfairly.

That resulted in eventually having half of the artists they interviewed VERY angry with them, and they started receiving cursed mail. They had to invest a heavy sum of money in protection spells for both the main building and the reporters for their trips... And the contract with Carla didn't allow them to fire her.

So, when the Sorceress mailed them an invitation for her to visit her mansion and watch first hand her works, they hoped this would finally get rid of her. Of course, she accepted without hesitation; her ego didn't allow her any other option.

"So, what is that 'work' you wanted to show me, 'Mistress'?" Carla asked.

"It's right here." the Sorceress pointed to a naked mature woman in the middle of the room, who stood totally still.

"OH!" Carla said in a mock tone "What a wonder! A woman! You certainly surprise me, I thought you liked younger ones."

"Don't be foolish. At least, not more than you already are." the Sorceress replied. "I only wanted to show you the original canvas I used. I don't need to use beauties for doing my works, like you wrote in your puny article. I even change men, if you didn't remember that. But if you like them younger, I will certainly oblige."

With that she snapped her fingers, and the woman immediately shifted to a ten year old girl. "I believe this is more of your taste."

Carla fumed. "I haven't come here for watching a simple age regression spell. Show me the real stuff and stop wasting my time."

The Sorceress smiled. "You misunderstand me, dear. I didn't use magic now. In fact, she's already finished." She snapped her fingers again, and the woman immediately shifted to a young humantaur. "She can change herself following my mental commands without using any magic."

"Doppelgangers have been done before by other wizards; that's not certainly a novelty."

"You're mistaken, reporter. Doppelgangers also use magic for their change. Think again."

Her curiosity aroused, Carla quietly watched the woman undergoing another change, this time to a lizard morph. She was sure there were no magic involved; at least, not coming from the Sorceress nor the woman. If that were the case, her magical wards would tingle.

And after all those changes, the woman didn't move any muscle.

Carla laughed. "If you think you can fool me, you're very wrong. You almost got me for a moment, but that woman of yours didn't ever move. I would bet it's only an illusion of yours, created without any magic, maybe a hologram. A clever move, but useless."

"If you're so sure of yourself, you're welcome to prove it." the Sorceress replied with an evil smile.

"Nothing easier than that." She waved her hand trough the woman, but she felt like she was pushing trough mud. Startled, she tried to remove her hand but she discovered that it was stuck inside. "What the heck!"

"You were right: It can't move when assuming shapes, but I didn't design her to impersonate living beings; it was designed as a trap. By the way, her name is Mimic."

The Sorceress snapped her fingers, and the lizard woman turned into transparent red goo and enveloped Carla. Quickly, Mimic slid inside her clothes and tore them from inside; then she started to stimulate every nerve ending of Carla's body. She tried to laugh or scream on the onslaught, but no sound came out as her head was also surrounded by Mimic.

"She hadn't felt any pleasure from her creation, and she can't stimulate herself, so she has to use her empathic abilities to feel pleasure from others. I'm afraid she won't release you until she's finished."

Slowly, Carla's arms were forced behind her, and the rest of the body assumed a fetal position.

"She is the perfect indoor guardian, like Hydra outside. She can shape like any valuable object and wait for any fool who touches it. Protection wards are useless against anything you willingly touch, as you have already seen. After she has captured somebody, she returns to her guarding shape and 'enjoys' her prey."

Mimic reshaped herself with Carla still inside her and took the form of an ornate chest.

"Of course, with Hydra outside intruders will be scarce, so meanwhile Mimic can enjoy herself with the statues of the garden. I'm sure they'll enjoy it as much as her."

"And don't worry about your magazine: I'll send the article myself as soon as I'm finished with you... I think they'll like the photos of your new shape."

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