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Another pesky Ninja gets put in her place, the Sorceress' Desk.
This hobbit thief snuck into the Sorceress' room to steal her jewelry. As she was trying on all the nice shiny trinkets she found a necklace fitted with a stone called a Gorgon's eye. Want to guess why? She now makes a good display for the Sorceress' gold and jewels.
This maid didn't come fast enough when the Sorceress called for her. Now all the maids come running fast when they hear her ringing.

Photo By Deuce

One of the Gardens old gardeners. The Sorceress got upset with her on the state of the garden. Mushrooms seem to be popping up everywhere.
The forest surrounding the Sorceress' garden is nice and tranquil, a wonderful place for a nice relaxing walk. That is if you can move.
The Sorceress likes her new fountain, but she can't decide whether she prefers her as stone or bronze.

Photo By Deuce

Having just the right center piece for a room is vital! At least thatís what two interior decorators told the Sorceress. And after a couple of quick spells she couldn't agree more. The two decorators might have changed their minds since then but they've remained quiet on the subject.
Story By Marlene, Picture by me, Photo By Deuce
She didn't start out as a Thief but the itch would not leave her alone. Gold, she could not live with out it. Every time she saw its glow she had to have it. She wore it in every possible place on her body. Nothing felt as good on her skin.

One night she snuck into a dark Mansion in the woods. There was so much treasure all over that she couldn't pick where to start. Then she saw a coin on a desk. It was simple and golden. She grabbed it. Magic flowed up her arm into her body. She felt herself shrinking. The gold she wore on her body melted and blended with her flesh. The change was quick.

The next morning the Sorceress found the Thief. Her magical trap had worked perfectly. She made a few adjustments, took some of the Thief's mass away and placed it elsewhere, gave her a new pose, then set her on the desk.

Now she is a Thief no more. She has a job, she holds ink for the Sorceress, and she is solid gold. She is happier than she could ever have imagined.

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To Her Lips
It had been several months since the Sorceress had gone out and searched for an apprentice...

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