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A small group of satyrs has recently been sneaking into the Sorceress' garden and making a nuisance of them selves. They play with her victims and take her magical items, And what's worse is they don't seem to have any fear of the Sorceress. She catches as many as she can and makes examples of them but it still doesn't seem to be working. In fact some of them seem to be coming just to find out what getting transformed is like. What's a Sorceress to do?
Here's another pesky Satyr by the name of Mira. She's just wandered into the Sorceress' Garden and getting an idea what she might be in for if she doesn't leave now.
Some times the Sorceress just wants to put her feet up and relax. Is that so wrong?
Nothing like a nice Cup-O-Joe.
The Sorceress and her new friends
Two girls from Sebastion's Shop made a wrong turn and wound up in the Soceress' Garden. Perminantly.

Art By Sebastian, colors by Naga

Interesting things happen at Sebastian's.

Only the Sorceress and this young lady know whats in the Sorceress' Diary.
Water features always add a little something to any garden.
This Young lady was always sunning herself, Finaly the Sorceress decided to put her love for the sun to some use.
It's this girl's job to keep the Sorceress' house nice and tidy. The duster that she's holding was the last person to have that job. Maybe the new girl will be better than the last.
Never sing too many Holiday carols around the Sorceress. They can get on her nerves.

Merry Christmass!

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