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Walking though the forest Saria stumbled across a strange garden. Walking further she found an old barn. Sitting on a bail of hay was a nice glass of milk. She was hot and she took a sip.

Now Saria knows that is you take milk from the Sorceress you must give milk back.

Photo By Deuce

Cursed springs are one thing, but a cursed game of Twister?
More than meets the eye!
Legion Battler
A member of the Legion race, plant women who convert others physically to add them to their numbers.

See more of them Here.

Mermaid Tattoo
This mermaid will soon find herself perminantly etched onto the skin of another person. I hope she enjoys he new 2D life style.
Threesome at a magic school.
Even in schools devoted to magic, accidents happen.
Pony Girl
It's a long road to Tipperary, and magic users don't like to walk. Sadly other members of the adventure party get little say in the matter as it's hard to talk around a bit.
Before she became the Queen of Blades, Kerrigan had gone to the Terran Confederacy's "academy," the facility which produced Ghost operatives for covert operations. At the academy she was constantly picked on by an upper classman, Grace Bailey. Bailey made Kerrigan's life miserable. However, despite that Kerrigan graduated with honors and scrubbed Bailey from her memory, or so she thought.

Years later her Zerg minions brought prisoner to her, a Ghost who had tried to target her hive for nuclear strike. The ghost was none other than LT Bailey. Kerrigan dropped her into a reformation pod and spent several wonderful weeks twisting and warping Bailey's body and mind.

Bailey is now Kerrigan's personal pet and spy. "Bale" loves her new life. She must, her instincts tell her too. Yet sometimes when she's hidden and spying on humans, she feels that something is wrong. The feeling never lasts long and soon she's back on the hunt.

Animal and Dim
Both Animal and Dim were warned not to fool around in the witch's room. but boys will be boys. Well boys will be a candle and a rubber love doll when they mess with a witch's stash and panty drawer.
Monico Holiday
She was the talk of the town, the Heiress to a hotel fortune. Famous only for being famous, that and all the porn videos she has online. Then someone slipped something into her drink at a party. All things considered her life might not change all that much.

(Dick Girl Warning)


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