Here's where I'll be posting paid Commissions from now on. I only take credit for the Art itself not necessarily the content! If you would like to see your own characters or ideas up here then visit The Shop or Email me at and place your order. There's not much that I will not draw!

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A commission for RedArcade
A gay bar in a fantasy realm.
Three VERY close friends!
Trio 2
Same story different girls!
A donkey girl with a little extra!
And Without
And her twin sister that's all woman!
4X4 Love
A scene that got cut out of a comic I worked on not long ago.
Earl McClaw
See! I don't always draw porn!
After three years of arduous training, the teacher was dismayed to find that her ninja apprentice was still as useless as ever.

Deciding to start over from the beginning, she introduced her former student to one of her very special magic seals.

As it turned out, she had much more success taming a slug, than she ever did training a ninja.

Art for and Caption by TLT

Peachy Temari
Not always imprisoning their enemies in jail, some of those that cross the Hidden Leaf village learn another reason for it's name.

Even though it was only a one time contract, attacking the village still carries some penalty. While not as strict as the prison, she'll have plenty of time to think about which contracts to take in the future before her sentance is up... If anyone remembers what grove she's in.

Art for and Caption by TLT

Froggy Royalty
Beware of pick up lines from strange frogs!


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