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Shadow and Echo
Shadow is a magical Chimera and Echo is her mundane human roommate, who all too often get changed into this or that by her.

Character by Lemachi
Photo by Deuce

Max is from the Genie Realm, and NOT to be confused with another well know comic Genie.
Dead girls just wanna have fun!
Don and Rain
Two characters from an online comic:

Its fun, and Naga approved!

Some magic is easier to do than to undo.
Another of Shadow's roommates, this lass is a witch, though she still has lots to learn about teleporting. Like remembering to teleport everything you need with you.

Character by Lemachi
Photo by Deuce

Centaur's Lair
Dragons often hoard Gold, including some golden cursed objects.

The master teaches his students a few new tricks!
Ranma 1/3
A little known scene from the manga.

A Ghost from Starcraft gets to work for the other side!

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