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Ranma Right Half
Shampoo finaly get's Ranma all to herself!

Don once again makes the mistake of going to see the nurse. At least that in grown toe nail of his is now gone.

In a desperate situation, one ninja attempted to use a rival's technique to distract their enemy. He thought he knew a form that would be irresistible to their foe, but as it turned out, the villain just wasn't too keen on girls.

Despite managing to escape, the ninja found it rather difficult to turn back, lacking the hands to make the transformation seal.

Caption by TLT
Photo By Deuce

Just how aged was that cheese?

Photo By T-Chall

Another day in Mario land with Bowser chasing the world's most famous plumber, when suddenly they both see a new type of mushroom, a pink one. Rushing for the new power up neither bothers to wonder what power or change it might give them. With a mighty leap they both grab the pink mushroom at the same time.

This new power up might take some time to get used to.

The world of international mythical fashion is pretty cut throat!

This Actress in a fantasy movie thought it would be fun to play a centaur. However after a long day of shooting she was a bit surprised when she found that the costume she was wearing was no longer a costume. Maybe the makeup department shouldn't have bought their supplies from BaTco.

While exploring a space hulk sister Bravis gets separated from the rest of her squad, only to join up with a new army all together.

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I have it on good authority that this can happen if you play online games too much!

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Lucinda, she rules the world, you just don't know it yet!


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