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Once the Chozen managed to take over they made a few cosmetic changes to their appearance.

Another drawing from one of Jack Chalker's books "Web of the Chozen".

Photo by Deuce

A Better Mouse Trap
A full comic done for a Commission.

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The presumption that mortals can control the forces of Chaos has lead to the downfall of many Inquisitors of the Ordo Malleus. Through warpcraft, this radical's attempt to bind the power of a daemon within her own flesh leads to unexpected results as the malign influence reshapes her to better suit its nature. Can she still perform the Emperor's work, or has she become a slave to pleasure?

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Space Wolf
Hunting in the Eye of Terror and fighting the forces of Chaos that are found there, the 13th Legion of the Space Wolfs chapter have had to adapt to many challenges. Looting armor and weapons from their fallen foes is nothing compared to running afoul of the flux and changes that the warp can cause.

This Marine after killing one of Khorne's mighty Berserkers was changed by Khorne's rival, Slaanesh. Giving him a new more shapely body pleased the goddess of pain and pleasure. It mattered little whether the Marine wanted the change or not.

But with fire in his heart it matters not what can be found beneath the armor of a devout warrior of the Emperor. For Russ they shall prevail!

Her body was built like a dream. Her programming was made to bring that dream to life. But her creator never dreamed he'd end up her mind.

An art trade based on an upcoming work created by Anne Onymous and Ian Samson. Current teasers can be found at Tran's Gallery.

Cheetah Drider
Being a Cheetah Drider was unique enough but then being turned into a hermaphroditic Cheetah Drider. Well a guy can take only so much!
A role playing character for a fan of Nagas.
Cheetah Drider
A recolor of the image above per request.
The Way Things Work Here
Story By Hawkyn, Picture by me.


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