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Carrots always come better in bunches. The Urahara store really needs to get a handle on its inventory mix ups.

Visit It's new and has several Exclusive pictures By little old me.

Slyna was a young woman who offered herself to an Avatar of Freya to serve anyway that she could. She now loyally guards one of Freya's temples. (Dick girl Warning!)

Based off of the work of Demon-Man who's art can be found at the Legends of Belial web group.

We all know how the Land of Vegetables storyline SHOULD have gone. Those Naruto writers always drop the ball.

Visit It's new and has several Exclusive pictures by me.

Overconfident as usual, the ninja made a bet with the Frog Boss. He agreed to join his gang if he lost. He never stopped to consider the consequences, since he never intended to lose.

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Lana Lang
It had been a while since Lana Lang last donned her costume and alien bio-ring -- which gave her the ability to use the powers of any insect -- but with the strange events happening in "52" and the disappearance of her high school sweetheart Clark "Superman" Kent, she knew that every hero was needed. So when a Khund scoutcraft crashed near Memorial Park in Smallville, once more the Insect Queen was in action. And a Czarnian War Beetle should make short work of those Khunds!

Story by Noah Body

When your master is a cat it doesn't matter how good of an assassin you are, at least the milk supply will be well guarded.

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The Wonder Twins
Zan and Jayna find themselves once again shot but the transformation raygun and locked up in the Incredible Space Circus.
Fallen Angel

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Mavra Chang
Mavra's Adventures on Well World take a turn for the worst.

Photo by Deuce

When visiting the Garden Gentlemen's club, please remember to behave like a gentleman, and be careful how you word your requests to the bar keeper.

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