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Ninja Assassin!
Roku of the Uchiha Clan stalked his target. The Sorceress was not well known to many, but he had researched her well. The myths and legends had him concerned, but no mere magician could defeat a Uchiha ninja.

As he prepared his poisoned sword for a killing strike, Roku heard a tiny voice from around the tree. "Hey, boss! You got another one!"

His body tingled momentarily. Roku looked down to see what had happened, and not only had he been transformed into a female by the sorceress, but he could see that she had a wry sense of irony as well.

Story by Noah Body
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The Student
The Student always tried his best to please the Kendo master. The Way of the Sword' was a tradition in his family, mastered for at least twenty generations. But the Master was never satisifed.

"You hold your bokken like a woman," he would chastize. "Your stand like a woman!" "You fight like a woman!"

Day in and day out, the same failures and the same abuse.

Finally, the Student prayed to the heavens for a solution. And the response came quickly, just not the response she expected.

Story by Noah Body
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Maya and Dransie
They used to be humans, boy friend and girl friend, but after an accident with a bunch of magic thatís not really as true any more. Fortunately a good strong relationship can over small problems like that.
Helping Out
She always felt sorry for the poor slave girl forced to carry heavy jugs of water from the well back up to her master's house. One day Gorgonessa could look on no longer with out helping her. A short wisp of her breath and the slave quickly became a beautiful statue. No longer would she have to toil for her master, her muscles are now stone and never get tired, and her skin is proof from any whip.

Her master soon sold the new statue to another who installed the girl in his bath house as a decoration. If Gorganessa could talk to the people whom she's breathed into stone she's sure that all of them would thank her.

Slime girls need love too! Myrrh is a character from The Wotch
Buffy vs Wulfy
The fight between Vampires and Werewolves continues. Will Wulfy excape? Will Buffy get a new pet? Tune in next week to find out!
Buffy vs Wulfy
Never tease a werewolf on a full moon!
Silen Crissa
Four legs good, two legs... also good!
Titanium Maiden
One of the brave superheros from Heroes of Crash.
While the gang investigated some strange happenings around Hopper's farm Daphey discovered the hard way that it wasn't in fact old man Revor in disguise who was doing it.


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