Platypuss Zook

Species: Mediezan

Occupation: Xeno-archeologist / explorer.

If you ever come across a Medieza who acts a bit like a good school teacher, wears glasses and possesses slightly blue-green tiger stripes on her body, chances are you're speaking to the one and only "Platypuss" Zook.

In truth, Platypuss isn't her real name - it's a nickname she adopted because her original name "Sounded too wimpy." Those more versed in the Medieza language may recognize it as an unusual honorific, meaning "One who speaks to the impossible."

The impossible being the way she communicates so easily with other races- understanding languages and cultures is Zook's innate natural talents. Even more impossible, is the way she is able to converse with Panlings. True, she can't get them to do anything meaningful- except perhaps to undo any transformations that may have done. But considering the havoc Panlings can usually cause, the fact she can keep them entertained for at least a short while before suggesting a neater place to visit is considered nothing short of miraculous. Several Panlings appear to be 'regulars' but with Panlings, one never knows. Others who have tried Zook's method - often just telling a simple good story- have utterly failed.

The reason why Panlings prefer Zook could be the fact that she is slightly eccentric by Mediezan standards. Wearing glasses is one aspect - although there are advanced sensory arrays and readouts embedded in them. She would be called a 'free thinker' by human standards, and accords the Nagha class more privileges than most other Medieza would. A few on her expedition vessel, "Blue Lotus" were willingly transformed to escape their fates in other cultures. Most of her students are also free thinkers and eccentric as well, and it is not unheard of to have Humans or Plexis on board as guests. It does make for an interesting ride.

Zook is more inclined to converse with other races than attack or transform them, as she seeks knowledge rather than power. With the exception of K'N'Tara expeditions, she is more than happy to join non-Medieza expeditions to explore archeological sites, rather than fight over them. Since Humans can gain access to smaller inaccessible spaces that Medieza cannot reach, she prefers to work with them.

The Medieza tolerate Zook if only because she has uncovered several lost civilizations and recovered vital new technologies from them. She has proven useful in opening up back channels for diplomatic relations as well. A few times she has acted as a negotiator between quarreling human factions.

Despite her appearance of acting as a "neutral" party and a Medieza outsider, she subtly plays the role of propagandist, dropping hints at K'N'Tara weaknesses and failings in casual conversations, while playing up the more regal role of the Medieza.

Zook's many colorful expeditions represented her life - but in recent years, advanced age was starting to take their toll on her in ways that even Medieza nanotechnology couldn't repair. On what was supposed to be her final expedition to a remote site, she was dealing with a troop of Panlings in her usual tactful way when she let it slip she was going home for good - to retire and die. The Panlings grew quite distressed at this turn in her "story", since she had never told one with a sad ending to them. The Panlings first insisted that she change the "ending" which she refused to do - so they changed it for her, restoring Zook's youth and vigor, much to her surprise.

With her new lease on life, Zook has returned to her true love - slithering the starways in search of archeological sites - and of course, telling stories to the Panlings she might encounter.

Character and Story by: Deuce
Coloring by: Snap

All artwork is copyrighted by it's respective owners.

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