The Way Things Work Here
By Hawkyn

The day started out cold and wet. Dark clouds oozed across the sky dropping a steady drizzle. Frank, Jake, and I made our way thru the muddy remains of last year’s corn crop watching for any sign of deer, we had not found anything. I knew there was plenty of game; I had seen plenty of deer when I was driving the combine through this area only last week. Now it was as if they had all headed for parts unknown.

“Brandon, are you sure you saw deer around here?” Frank asked as he stopped and adjusted the strap on his rifle.

“Yes, I saw four does and a big buck right over there in that corner next to those trees. There were 3 more down by the creek and another 6 scattered around the field. They couldn’t have all took off.” I replied pointing out the locations.

“OK, let’s check out that fence row then.” Jake added. “Maybe we can find some tracks or spoor to follow.”

Jake was about 3 years older than either Frank or me and had been hunting since he was ten. Frank and I were both on our first hunt. My family had moved out here in the middle of nowhere last year and Frank and Jake were the closest friends I could find so far. The school was like something out of a fifties movie and the nearest town didn’t even have a McDonald’s. I tried to keep myself busy with the farm work and it was kind of fun driving the big combine my Dad had rented, but now the crops were in and there was nothing to do. When Jake suggested trying to get a deer I jumped at the chance to get out … even if it meant slogging thru this cold mist. Franks family had moved into the small farm next to ours about two months ago and was just as happy to get out of the house as I was.

As we made our way over to the trees Jake pointed at the deer tracks leading out of the field toward the trees. As we got closer you could see there in the middle of the small stand of trees sat a gigantic boulder. I had been here for a year and never noticed that rock. It looked out of place in the flat planes that made up this region. It was a huge grey monolith jutting out of the forest litter. Its surface was covered with moss and a few plants and small trees struggling to cling to its surface. The tracks lead around the rock so we followed and then stopped. The tracks disappeared into a hole in the rock.

“First time I have ever seen this.” Jake broke the silence. “You see these boulders sometimes. Leftovers from when this area was covered by ice way back when. I ain’t ever seen a hole in one like this though. The deer usually avoid something like that because of bears, bobcats, and such. These look like they just strolled right in, and no tracks coming out.”

“If the tracks don’t come out then that means they are still in there?” Frank asked. “How many do you think there are in there?”

“Looks like at least four … and these;” Jake answered pointing to the largest set of tracks, “are probably from a large buck.”

“How could they all fit in there?” I asked.

“Like I said, I haven’t seen a hole like this before. It could be part of a cave system.” Jake replied scratching his head.

“Did you guys bring flashlights?” Jake asked.

I looked at Jake like he was nuts; “You want to go down in there?”

“Hell yeah. Let’s see whats down there. At least it looks dry.”

Jake walked over to the opening and looked around a bit with his flashlight. “It looks like it goes down at a low angle for about ten foot then angles off to the right. Jake, run back over to my pickup and grab that nylon rope out of my toolbox. It is about two hundred foot long. If we don’t see where the deer went by then we can follow the rope back out.” We spent the next fifteen minutes getting the rope and hooking it to one of the trees. We then ran it around our waists and Jake took the lead. The first part of the cave was a steady slope of about thirty degrees and easy enough to walk down. Then it turned off the right and got a little steeper. The deer tracks in the dirt floor disappeared into the darkness ahead. After another forty feet or so there was a sharp turn and the cave angled up slightly and then opened into large chamber. On the other side of the chamber was another opening with sunlight shining through.

“What the hell?” Jake said as he stopped and pointed at the opening.

“This doesn’t make any sense; we have about fifty foot of rope left so if there had been another opening we would’ve seen it when we walked around the boulder … right?” Frank asked scratching his head.

“Yeah, let me go back out and walk around again,” I suggested as I turned to retrace out path.

What I saw froze me in my tracks. The rope we were holding went straight into a solid rock wall.

“Hey, uh Guys, you better look at this.” I said as I pushed on the unyielding rock around the rope.

They both came over and tried the rock face also. We could pull the rope tighter through the hole, but none of the slack would go back.

“This is weird, like some Twilight Zone stuff.” Frank said.

“I guess we go out through there and figure out how this works later.” Jake said as he started making his way toward the daylight ahead. About halfway across the large chamber the rope ran out.

“Tie it to that stalagmite, so we can find it later.” I suggested.

“The stag-what?” Frank asked confused.

“Give it to me. I will tie it to that pointy rock coming up out of the ground over there.” I said pointing to one of several scattered around the chamber. They untied and handed me the rope. As I tied it off I noticed that there were crystals in the sides of formation that seemed to glow after my flashlight was on them for a second. Then as I started back toward the others my foot caught on something and I fell. As I fell I reached out to catch myself and one of the crystals on the stalagmite went into the meat of my palm.

“Oh crap!” I yelped as I pulled back my now bloody hand.

Jake rushed over with Frank following close behind.

“What happened?” Jake asked as he reached me.

“I’m a klutz. That’s what happened! I tripped over my own feet and caught my hand on one of those crystals.”

Frank started to snicker, but stopped as Jake pulled out his first aid kit and quickly went to work on the wound. Within a few minutes I was bandaged and we made our way across to where the sunlight was streaming in. When we got there we could see that to get to the opening we would have to climb up a fifteen foot pile of rubble.

“It looks like the rain must have let up. I see blue sky out there.” Jake said as he scrambled up.

Frank stayed behind me; catching me twice when I lost my balance climbing with one hand.

“Holy shit! You two are not gonna believe this.” Jake shouted from the top of the pile of loose stone.

“Where the heck are we?” Both Frank I and said in unison as we cleared the entrance of the cave and looked out.

We expected to see some trees and flat, empty cornfields. What we saw was a tree lined river valley stretching out in front of us. We appeared to be on a ridge overlooking a bend in peaceful blue river. In the distance there were lakes, ponds, hills and streams. The other side of the valley looked to be maybe twenty to twenty five miles away and make up of mountains.

We all just stood there staring. There wasn’t any place like this anywhere within five hundred miles of our farm; let alone within three hundred feet of that hole we went into.

“Um guys, I don’t think we are in Kansas any more.” I joked.

“You know Dorothy; I think you could be right.” Jake replied digging his binoculars out of his pack.

“So what does that make me Toto? Arf Arf” Frank chuckled.

Jake scanned the valley slowly then stopped. “No Frigging way! This can’t be real. We must have sucked up some cave gas or something.”

“What? What do you see?” Frank asked reaching for his binoculars.

“Look down the river that way. Down along the shore, near those big rocks.” Jake said pointing down the valley.

“What are those? It’s got to be some kind of trick or maybe someone shooting a movie” Frank asked as he watched through the binoculars.

By now my curiosity was getting the best of me and pulled my binoculars out and started fumbling with them to get a look. Jake stepped over and helped me focus. What I saw was people, sort of. They looked about normal height, maybe a little taller. At first glance I thought they were wearing fur, but as I watched one climb out of the river I could see that they were covered with fur. There were two males, and it was very obvious they were males, one was a good head taller than all the others and they all had what looked like horns coming out of the heads. The females’ horns were smaller and less lethal looking than the males. The other thing that got my immediate attention was that the females appeared to have four breasts each. They had two large breasts with two smaller ones below those. Then I noticed their legs looked strange. They had hooves for feet and the leg was backward looking … like a cow or horse.

“Ok, I give up … what are we looking at?” Jake asked.

“I think … I think not only are we ‘not in Kansas’ anymore … I don’t think we are on Earth anymore.” I said.

“Oh C’mon. It has got to be some kind of freaky group dressed up. I mean things like those don’t exist.” Frank said sitting down on a rock.

“I think your right … look up there.” Jake said pointing up the valley toward the far ridge.

As we turned to look where he was pointing, all doubt about this NOT being Earth was wiped out. Coming up over the distant ridge were two moons. One small one and the other looking twice as large as our moon ever looked. The larger moon was covered in blue oceans and green continents.

“Ok that does it. I am going back in there and see if I can break back thru that wall. I will be damned if I am going to stay here.” Frank said as he stormed back into the cave.

“I am going to gather some firewood. If the moon … err moons are rising then that must mean it will be getting dark soon. No telling how cold it will get here at night. Brandon, try to make your way back down into the cave and hold the flashlight for Jake till I can get the fire going.” Jake said as he started picking up some of the loose wood on the ground nearby.

“Better stay within sight of the cave. No telling what might be out in these woods.” I told Frank as I swung my binoculars back down toward where the cow people were. I could see that they had all climbed out of the water and were now making their way along our side of the river in our direction.

“It looks like they are headed this way. Keep your head down while you are out here, OK?” I added as I put my binoculars away and headed into the cave.

“No Problem. I have my rifle if they get too close. I am sure I can scare them off if they get too close.” Jake answered back still grabbing firewood.

By the time I made it back to the bottom of the rock pile I could hear Jake banging on the far wall with something. I made it across the chamber to where the rope entered the wall. Frank had picked up a rock and was banging on the wall below the rope. I put my flashlight up so he could see and now with both hands free he grabbed a bigger rock and started back at it even harder. Twenty minutes and three crushed stones later the wall wasn’t even chipped. By this point Jake had tossed down enough wood to keep a fire going for a couple days and was starting the fire.

The fire grew quickly and soon the entire chamber was glowing with firelight. As I looked around I couldn’t help but be impressed by the amazing crystal formations. They appeared to not only refract, but also somehow amplify the light from the fire. After about 10 minutes the cave was as bright the best-lit department store you ever went saw.

As we marveled at the light show I noticed a tingling in my palm where I had stuck it on the crystal earlier. No pain, just something between an itch and a tickle down inside my hand. I gingerly touched the bandage and where even the slightest bump sent it shooting with pain before now there was nothing but this sensation. I slowly pulled the bandage away and where there had been a one-inch wide puncture to the bone now there was just smooth skin and dried blood.

“Look at this!” I said excitedly holding my hand out for the others to see.

“Wait a minute that was a deep gash. You were going to need five or six stitches at least.” Jake said examining my hand.

“Unreal! This place is just too freak’n weird.” Frank said shaking his head and going back over to bang on the wall some more.

The cave echoed with the sound of the pounding for about ten minutes till Frank stopped.

“I am afraid that will do you no good,” It was a voice from the mouth of cave.

Jake and both swung our rifles around toward the voice. There at the mouth of the cave was several of Cow People. One of the males was standing at the bottom of the rock pile with his hands up in the air.

“Easy friends, we come in peace. Besides, I’m sorry to inform you, guns don’t work here.” He said as he moved closer. Keeping his hands up in the open where we could see them the whole time.

“My name is Gil; my friends up there are Terri, Jodi, and Jamie. We saw the light coming from the cave and figured someone had built a fire. We’re just looking for a place to sleep.” By this point he was close enough to see him clearly.

He stood maybe seven feet tall and was built like Arnold. His hands had two large fingers and thumb. Unlike down at the river he was now wearing some kind of loincloth. On the straps holding the cloth to his hips was hanging a sword and dagger along with two pouches. The females had also moved down and also were clothed. They wore simple togas with a strap around the waist on which hung daggers and pouches.

Jake kept his gun on the male. “Why should we believe you that the guns don’t work?”

“Simple, aim it out the hole and fire off a round. You will see what I mean.”

“Keep yours on them; just in case while I test this.” Jake said as he shifted his aim outside.

Jake pulled the trigger and there was a “PAFF” sound and the rifle seemed to shatter in his hands.

“What the heck!”

“I told you they don’t work.”

“You never mentioned they fall apart!”

“Heh, sorry about that … but I never get over the look on their face when that happens.” Gil said chuckling. “Can I put my arms down now? I really wouldn’t do anything to hurt you.”

“Technology from Earth doesn’t work here. At least not much of it will function. In most cases it will just disintegrate the first time you try to use it. The more dangerous or artificial something is; the faster it will break down or wear out here. Synthetic materials like nylon usually don’t even last a month. After a while you end up either finding some new clothes or getting used to going nude.” Gill explained as he sat down next to the fire.

While he made himself comfortable to took the time to look my gun over. It appeared as solid as always, but after what happened to Jake’s rifle I was not going to test it. Then I looked at the fire and had an idea.

“Jake, how did you start the fire?” I asked.

“What? I used my matches. Why?”

“Ah your quick, yes matches work, and most simple, non-violent, natural items will last as long as they would on Earth.” Gil said smiling at me.

I took all but one bullet out of the gun then fired it up toward the opening.

“PAFF” It disintegrated into bits on the ground at my feet.

“Why did you do that?” Jake asked brushing shattered gun dust off his lap.

“Less to carry, but the gun powder still works … so that might be useful later.” I explained quietly.

“What do you mean it won’t do any good to try to break back thru the wall?” Frank asked still standing by the rope with a rock in his hands.

“That wall is now solid rock all the way through the mountain. It stopped being an opening the moment the last one stepped through into this chamber.” Gil explained pointing to where the rope came out of the rock face.

“How do you know that? How do you know we can’t break back through?” Frank asked his voice showing his rising fear.

“Because I spent nearly a week pounding on a wall like that after I came through about eight years ago. Trust me; you can’t go back the way you came in. It’s just the way things work here.” Gil said waving his hand toward the walls.

“Wait, you came through that same cave?” Frank asked.

“No, I was going thru an old house with two of my friends. When we checked out the basement there was an old wooden door on the far wall behind some shelves. We pulled everything away and went through it down a long hall. When we got to the other end we were in a cavern similar to this. My friend Jamey came through last and the door disappeared leaving a solid stone wall. Terry and I took turns pounding on the wall with rocks for a week. We never even put a scratch on it.” Gil explained as one of the females massaged his shoulders and another was rubbing much lower.

“So you are saying you came through, from Earth? I may not have been everywhere, but I am sure I would have heard of someone who looks like you.” Frank said as he finally dropped the rock and sat down next to Jake and I.

“We weren’t like this when we came through the door. We were as human as you are.” Gil answered a look of sadness on his face.

“Then how did you end up like this? I mean how could a guy and two girls from earth end up as … whatever you are here?” Frank asked.

“Toros, the race we are is Toros. As to how we ended up like this. After that first week of trying to get back through the wall we started running low on food we could scavenge from the local plants. We had no weapons and growing up in the city no hunting skills. So we headed out to try to find food and maybe a way home. Traveling during the day and sleeping with a big fire at night we worked our way down the nearest river. We finally came up on a village. It was a village of Toros called Minos. They were friendly and gave us food and explained about where we were, how we got here, and some of how this place works. It was after we had been there a short while that they explained the last part of the equation. They told us that once you come near to one of the native races for a few minutes then you will become that race.” Gil explained.

“So by being around the Toros for while you became Toros?” I asked slowly backing away from them.

“Yes, and now that you have been near us for while; you will get to join our herd.” Gil said standing up and stretching.

The two females both giggled and smiled rubbing against Gil’s body as he pulled their togas off. The third female had moved up to the cave opening and was now standing there with the other male we had seen earlier.

Frank and Jake both joined me back against the wall away from our unwanted guests.

“Let me introduce you to Lee. He and Jodi joined our little group about two weeks ago. Of course when we found him he was as confused as your are now. Oh and “she” was named Lisa and Jodi was called Joe. You see this world has a strange sort of balance to it, at least for Toros. For some reason; when new Toros “arrive” the ratio of male to females always remains the same. There are always three females for every one male. When we first arrived in the Toros village they had just had three new females. By luck I remained male, Jamey and Terry on the other hand … well as you can see they got a lot more curves than when we all played first string for the foot ball team.” He rambled on as the two girls worked his loincloth down.

The third female was had stripped of her toga as she left the other male and went to Gil. She explained as she walked over, “That’s right. I was a guy just two weeks ago. Yes, it was weird at first. I mean I really tried to fight it. Now I love it so much I can’t even remember why I didn’t want to be like this. I mean you just have no idea how good it feels to have your mate inside of you. How great it is to please him and share yourself with your sisters. I remember being a guy and all that, but none of it matters as long as I have Terri, Jamie, and Gil are with me.” She giggled and proceeded to give Gil a major tonsillectomy.

The other male was smaller than Gil and remained over away from the fire and us. He appeared nervous, confused, and maybe a little scared.

“Lee, you may as well come on over. These three will be changing soon and you will need to take them and make them yours.” Gil said waving Lee to come over.

“No! This isn’t right! I wouldn’t want someone to do that to me … I can’t do it to them.” Lee protested.

“Lee, I told you before. This is the way things work here. After they change they will want it as much as you will. Trust me.”

“Trust you? That is what you said when we first met and look at me now!” Lee was now getting angry and pacing quickly back and forth.

“I know you won’t believe me right now, but I am helping all of you. There are much worse races you could end up as in the Alter-Verse. You could end up sliding on your bellies for the rest of your lives as Nagi, bound to a tree as a Nymphin, breathing thru gills as a Merin, or one end up as something really bad. At least as a Toros you are still a mammal and have legs.”

Frank had been slowly making his way around the cave toward the mouth and was now scrambling up the rock pile.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you. You can’t escape now. Your fate was sealed two minutes after we walked into the cave. Besides, you won’t make it out of the cave.” Gil said as he saw Frank scrambling up the rocks.

As Frank neared the top of the pile he started to slow down. He then stopped completely as he reached the exit.

“What is going on? Why can’t I move?” Frank asked as he stood there the opening.

“I suppose I should have mentioned; once the process starts … the more you try to get away … the more the change is accelerated. Part of the process is a need to be near your herd and mate. That is why you can’t move. Your body knows it needs to stay here with us. I suspect if you had stayed down here you might not have changed for a couple of hours, but now that you tried to get away … you will be giving Lee here a blow job within no time.” Gil laughed as he watched Frank still fighting to get his legs to move.

“Gil, let him go!” Lee shouted.

“Hehe I am not holding HER here … you are. She can’t leave her new mate no mater how much she wants to.” Gil answered. The females were now rubbing, sucking or licking various places on his body as he enjoyed the show.

Frank turned around to face us. His face looked strange, a mix of anger, confusion, and fear. Then his clothes seemed to fall apart like the guns did. Within seconds he was standing there naked. First his body hair grew out thicker and changed color to form a brown and white pattern similar to Lee’s. This was followed by a popping noise as his feet merged into hooves and his legs reshaped into the Toros form. His hips spread and in one second he was a she. A tail dropped down behind him as his waist narrowed. His nipples seemed to grow larger, then his chest thrust out like balloons being inflated. Frank reached up with his now three fingered hands to examine the mounds only to find they had been joined by a second set below the first. Some where in the process he … she had sprouted two small horns. Her hair had grown out longer with bovine ears now sticking out through the long brown tresses. Finally, her face changed. It became softer and more feminine. In all of five minutes Frank’s body had changed to the point that no one would recognize him or that he had been human.

“No, this can’t be! I’m not a girl. I’m not a cow. This is some kind of nightmare!” Frank screamed in a now distinctly female voice.

Gil looked up from his private little orgy and smiled. “Wow, Lee that one turned out great. I bet she will be a lot of fun.”

“I don’t want this. I don’t even want to be male. I don’t want these guys to change like this!” Lee protested, but he seemed to have lost some of his resolve as he stood there staring up at Frank’s new body. You could see his body reacting to the stimulus even as his mind tried to reject it.

Frank turned back toward the cave opening and took two steps further out. After freezing there for a few minutes she turned and slowly made her way back down the rock pile toward us.

“I can’t leave. I want to … I just can’t get my feet to cooperate.” She said as she sat down on a rock next to Jake.

“Take it easy Frank; there isn’t any way you could have known” Jake said patting her shoulder.

“I can feel myself melting away. I can feel … feel … urges … to do things I don’t want to do.” She set there staring down at her new breasts and hands.

Suddenly Jake stood up with a strange look on his face. He stared at his hand as it suddenly reformed. After that his clothes fell away and he stood there naked. The changes swept thru his body even more quickly than they did with Frank. In less than two minutes he had body had changed also. Her fur was a different pattern, but the same brown and white that matched the others. She just stood there with a dazed look on her face staring down and squeezing her new breasts with hands.

“Jake? Are you ok?” I asked carefully moving back.

“Jake? Who’s Jake?” She replied still looking confused.

“You’re Jake. Don’t you remember?” Frank asked staring up at her.

“Me? No, my name is Jacki. Jake is gone. I mean do look like a Jake to you?” She squeezed her breasts again and let out a small moan. “Ohhh … This is more like a Jacki body … and it feels so good.”

I could only stare as she rubbed her self. The look on her face showed that some part of Jake was still in there fighting to get back in control.

Jacki slowly turned and walked haltingly toward Lee.

“Stay back. You have to keep fighting for control. Don’t give up who you are.” He said, but he was not moving away and his loincloth was straining to keep things under control.

“Lee, she can’t fight it any more than you can. The magic is in control now. Just give in and enjoy. She is going to make you a man and you are going to make her a woman. It’s going to happen.” Gil said as he and the others had now stopped their love making to watch what was happening.

Jacki moved up next to Lee and gently touched his chest. She then slowly moved her hands down to the strap holding his loincloth. There was a pause for a minute like she was fighting it again, then the strap and loincloth dropped to the floor and his manhood shot out against her chest. His face showed that he was still fighting it also. The battle was quickly being lost as she slowly began to stroke and then to lick him. His eyes changed. The look of concern faded and was replaced by what could only be a called look of pure lust. Lee then pulled her up against him and kissed her long and hard. He stood there holding her body against his for a while. Then slowly she was lowered down his body till she reached his shaft. He then turned her around to face us and moved up behind her.

The look on her face was still showing the struggle to regain control as he slowly began to push into her. Then it was replaced by a look of surprise. She continued to fight it even as he stroked faster and harder into her. Moans started and then grew louder and louder.

“No, No, No, Please stop, Please I can’t, I, I” Jacki’s voice got higher and her moans became more exited. Then she stiffened and let out a long pleasure filled moan. “Yes, Oh Yes, More, I want more!” The resistance was gone … all that was left was a happy glazed look on her face. She pulled free long enough to lie down on the ground and spread her legs for him to enter her from the front. He moved down and they were quickly making love once more.

I noticed at this point that he looked larger thank before. Where he had been about the same height as the females before; he now looked slightly taller and bulkier. It was like taking her had in fact made him more of a man … or male or what ever.

The five of them were there giggling and moaning for a while when Frank slowly got up and started moving toward them.

“Frank what are you doing? Dude you need to keep fighting it.” I tried to step in between him and the others.

“Brandon, I don’t want to fight it any more. I want to be held by Lee. I want to feel his arms around me. I need to have him inside of me.” She answered stopping in front of me.

Putting her hand up and gently touching my face; “I’m Fran now. I know you can’t understand, but you will soon enough. It is the way it is here. From now on Frank is just a strange memory that will become a forgotten dream.”

My face tingled as she moved on past me and over to Lee. He smiled and turned her around as he had Jacki to start pumping into her. Jacki moved up under Fran, fondling and licking her nipples to add to the sensual assault. Her eyes lost the last glimmer of resistance after a minute or two. They then all rolled onto ground in a giggling, moaning three way.

The tingling on my face wouldn’t go away, but seemed to spread quickly through my body. I realized that her touch had somehow triggered or accelerated the change. I moved back against the wall and tried to concentrate. I could feel strange sensations move up inside of me. I quickly emptied my pockets, yanked off my shoes, belt, shirt, and pants. As I started on my underwear they turned to powder in my hands. I looked down and watched, as my body hair grew thicker and changed. Brown and white like Lee’s coat. Like Fran and Jacki’s coats. Like Gill and the rest of the herd. Common markings to show we belong. I realized it, whatever it was, was trying to affect my thinking. I pushed back against the thoughts and tried to concentrate on the changes. The fur was complete now and there was a pulling sensation on my head and hands. I looked down and watched my fingers merge from five digits to three. I then reached up and felt the two small horns there in the middle of long auburn hair on my head.

The sensation of my feet becoming hooves was kind like trying to stuff your feet into a tight pair of boots wearing three pairs of socks. There isn’t any pain involved, but it doesn’t feel good and you can’t help thinking it will never stop. After it did stop my balance shifted with a loud POP as my legs reshaped themselves. The legs finished and I could only watch and cringe as I saw my hips spread out to more curvaceous proportions and my little buddy disappear into a moist, warm slit. I was then hit by a queasy feeling as my plumbing changed from output to input. My waist then seemed to quiver and shrink with the excess fat and muscle moving up toward my chest. That excess material pushing out against my now larger nipples formed a pair of, what appeared to me to be huge, breasts? Almost by instinct my hands moved up to explore the new real estate and ended up stopping at the second pair of breasts that had now appeared below the first.

My fingers touching the newly formed nipples sent electric shocks through my body and for a moment my mind went blank. I came back to my senses realizing that I was still fondling myself and quickly building to another brain blinding flash of pleasure. I concentrated to force my hands back down to my sides, but they didn’t seem to want to respond. Moments later the world faded into another blur of bliss. My mind cleared slowly and I again tried to order my hands back down to my side. This time though, I felt a tingle in my hand where I had impaled it on the crystals earlier. Somehow the sensation gave me the strength to move them down to my hips. I looked down through my four breasts and saw that my slit was now oozing wet and hot. I could smell the others, and myself, but out of all the smells I could pick out Lee. Suddenly I realized he smelled very good. His musky, sweaty, manly scent almost sent my hands back into action on their own.

I fought to get the thoughts, sounds, and smells out of my head even as my body wanted go over and get in the middle of it. I knew that if I stopped concentrating even for a minute I would end up fondling myself. I did loose control several times; each time getting harder to reign in my rebellious hands. It felt like I was there for days fighting for control before I passed out from the struggle. The sad truth it was only an hour or two.

I was awakened by a wondrous sensation at my crotch like I had never felt before. I looked down to see Fran happily licking my slit. Jacki had latched onto one breast with her lips and another with her hand. Before I could even protest my body went limp and the world faded into ecstasy. I wanted to stop them to try to fight it, but as I would come back they would be pushing right into the next wave. I was so lost in the roller coaster of pleasure that I never noticed when Fran moved up to my lower breasts and Lee slid in between my legs.

Once in position he pulled me up closer to him with what looked like a gigantic shaft now poised at my moist and, though I hated to admit it, willing opening. He pushed in slowly and my body seemed to adjust to the size as he pushed in. The fit was tight, but not painful. I lay there with had been my two best friends working on MY breasts thinking how strange, yet good it felt to have this Adonis inside of me. I looked up at his face, the exquisite patterns of his fur, his large powerful muscles and felt happy that he wanted me.

A sharp pain from my hand and my head cleared. I realized I was being mounted by some sex crazed man bull and groped by my friends. I tried to fight back to push free. Lee felt me struggling and grabbed my hips forcing me back down. This forced his shaft in all the way hitting a spot deep inside of me. The universe exploded. This was beyond anything I had felt up till that point. My head now swam with images of Lee, Jacki and Fran, but also of my home and family on Earth. Lee kept thrusting; he kept hitting that magic spot and with each flash the images of home were fewer and images of my new family here grew stronger and clearer.

How long we made love that first time I couldn’t say. I woke up exhausted, but happy with daylight streaming in through the cave mouth. I knew this was not my world, that this change had been forced on me … on us. Still, I didn’t mind it now. I had a big strong mate and two beautiful sisters. In time we would help each other as we bore Lee’s children. We would pleasure him and each other and he would provide for and protect us.

I got up and walked over to the clothes I had removed before the change. I looked at the jeans and realized they would never fist this body, but the material could be used to make pouches or clothes. I then picked up the shirt and pulled it on. My body had shrunk some and it now hung all the way down past my butt. I cinched the belt around my waist to show my curves and it also pulled the hem of the shirt up just enough to show my butt a little more. My new chest prevented buttoning more than one button above the belt, but that was enough to at least cover my nipples. I grabbed the long sleeves and pull each of them off. Tying one end of each sleeve formed two pouches. The items I tossed out were gathered up and put into the makeshift bags. Two packs of matches, twenty-five rifle shells, and my key ring with a whistle and compass. I attached my hunting knife to the belt then reached over and grabbed my wallet.

I looked at the IDs and pictures I had in the small leather container. Everything suddenly looked so alien. The pictures looked like they were of some bizarre species of ape. I knew that I was looking at my driver’s license, but now I couldn’t figure out what any of it said. I concentrated on the words trying to force my mind to remember. I knew that it was important to remember, but I didn’t know why. Then came that tingling from my palm and the fog cleared. I could read the words on the license. Brandon Blake, age, weight, height … I could read it all. I remembered my alphabet, and math, and science. These things would be good to teach our children. If they were going to survive and grow in this world they would need to do more than hunt and wonder the land. I dropped it all in my pouch.

I cut the jeans up and used strips cut from the remaining rifle strap to make into bikini bottoms for me and my sisters. We all giggled as I modeled mine for them.

“Gee Brandon, your pretty handy to have around.” Jacki laughed as she tied her bikini on.

“Call me Brandi now. Like you said last night … this body doesn’t look much like a Brandon anymore.”

“Ok, Brandi. Are you ok? We were worried after you passed out last night.”

“Yes, actually I think I understand why we are here. Well, I see part of it anyway. Lee will give us strong healthy children and we get to make him happy. There is more though. I don’t see the whole picture, but there was a another reason we were brought here. A reason we changed the way we did. I guess it will be clearer in time.”

Lee slowly got up and we gathered the last of our things and headed out of the cave and down to the river. Gil said we would reach Minas in about two days. By then he expected at least one of us to be working on our first calf. We all three giggled and I secretly wished it would be me.

As we moved down the trail I could see that Lee had become as tall and muscular as Gil. We had given that to him. We gave last of our manhood to him to make him stronger. In return he would be faithful and always provide for and protect us. I didn’t want to be a mother or a Toros or trapped here when we came through, but now it all seemed to make sense.

Like Gil always says “That’s the way things work here.”

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