To Her Lips

Anita Delos

It had been several months since the Sorceress had gone out and searched for an apprentice who would be worthy of being trained by her. Anita had shown promise and potential, albeit that she was quiet, shy, and a bit of a geek. However there was a certain air or aura about her that the Sorceress could tell was just waiting to be let out. Anita was taken aback when the Sorceress gave her an offer of a 'job' at least that is what it was in the guise of, and she had this strange feeling she couldn't say no. It wasn't before long that she found herself before a giant mansion that was surrounded by several strange entities and other such things.

The Sorceress sat Anita down on a rather strange looking couch in front of a stranger looking table, while she sat across it in an even stranger looking chair, all the equipment was modeled after nude females. Anita had no idea at the time that they were made out of real females, and the Sorceress didn't say a thing, ignorance to an extent can be bliss and also cause for no distractions in learning the magical arts, although one has to have a pre-propensity for it. The sorceress leaned forward towards Anita, a somewhat sly smile on her face. "So the real reason I brought you here, is that I'd like you to become my apprentice, to learn magic and more." Anita was shocked to say the least, she thought that this woman might be crazy or worse. "Erm... I thought you had a job for me..." was all Anita could muster to say. "You can consider it one, only instead of being paid in money, you'll be paid in much better. For instance." the Sorceress placed an apple on the table, and cast a spell as the apple turned into solid gold. Anita gasped as her eyes went wide, she grabbed the apple and examined it to make sure it wasn't some sort of trick, but sure enough it was now gold "This can't be..." she remarked. "It is." The Sorceress smiled "So what do you say?" Anita just nodded and responded back. "Okay, I will do it."

It was a decision she would end up later regretting, although she had no idea at the time, for many months the Sorceress taught her all sorts of varying spells and history. Anita learned well, she was smart, however she was also a bit of a klutz, and a bit accident-prone too. The Sorceress overlooked these minor defects though, and a few broken trinkets or objects due to how much of herself she saw in the girl, who did her best to work hard and impress her teacher. She was making quite the progress.

Eventually the Sorceress entrusted her to go on errands for her, to buy supplies, pick up things, and deliver messages to others The Sorceress knew who were part of the supernatural community, or whatever it was called, Anita figured the Sorceress couldn't be the only one. It was on one such of these outings that she made what was a terrible mistake later on, but at the time was part of the moment, she had always been a nerdy girl, one that no guy would ever ask out. So when she became infatuated with a boy working at the local mall, she figured no harm no foul if she enticed him into asking her out with a little magical motivation. A date was set for the following night.

Things began to go downhill from there, especially relations wise between the Sorceress and Anita, Anita began to shun some of her duties for recreational things. Ignoring crucial steps and processes necessary for proper outcomes. The Sorceress although angry managed to curb her anger, figuring it would be just a phase and that her once loyal apprentice would give it up and return to working hard on becoming like her.

It was on such a night that Anita had another date with a spellbound guy that she had run out of make-up products, the Sorceress was busy, and she didn't bother to ask. She just went into the Sorceress' room and applied some blush, eye shadow, mascara, she then saw a single lipstick container. As she opened it up she was greeted with the most beautiful shade of dark red. She smiled and puckered her lips, applying it, but unlike the other make-up products lipstick is something that can need to get re-applied, so she closed it and then stuck it into her purse before leaving the Sorceress' mansion to go on her 'date'. She met up with her guy friend and after dinner and a movie, they were fooling around on a bus stop bench and while in the heat of the moment Anita's purse was knocked over off the bench, the lipstick case rolling out and into the street into the sewers, disappearing. After making out for some time she noticed her purse on the ground, there wasn't anything spilled out of it, at least not that she thought of, so she waived her guy toy for the night goodbye and then returned to the Sorceress' mansion, she went to the Sorceress' room to return the lipstick before she noticed, when she began digging around her purse and could not find it. "Oh no oh no come on! It has to be in here!" she dug around frantically and then dumped her purse out on the floor and began going through the contents.

Just then the Sorceress came into the room and inquired "What are you doing, Anita?" as she stood with her arms crossed and an unimpressed look on her face. Anita froze for a moment before standing up nervously and turning to the Sorceress. "Erm, I won't lie to you, I kind of 'borrowed' your lipstick for my date tonight and must have lost it sometime during the night." The Sorceress' unimpressed look became an angry one. "That was my favorite lipstick!" the Sorceress sighed. "Well I appreciate the honesty, one thing I cannot tolerate nor forgive is stealing from me, I made this very clear in the rules when I took you on as my apprentice!" Anita gulped and held up her hands defensively. "Don't worry, I'll replace it, I promise!" The Sorceress smiled a wicked grin as her apprentice just gave her the last good idea she ever would. "You're right, you will replace it." The wrong words were emphasized in that sentence for Anita as the Sorceress was quick to cast her spell.

Anita was frozen, as her clothes dissolved away leaving her nude body on display, her lips became sealed closed as her head tiled back. Her eyes were wide open with fear as her hands were pulled straight behind her back and her legs closed together. Her body began to take on the same red colour as the lipstick, spreading from her lips to the rest of her body, her hair and skin hardening and solidifying. Then a black cylinder base with open top and a golden ring around it appeared under her feet and going up to around her neck as she began to shrink. Another similar cylinder without a golden ring appeared above her head, she just closed her eyes as her transformation completed as the other cylinder came down closing on top of the other one that was up to her neck.

The Sorceress picked up the lipstick container from off the group and lifted off the lid as she turned the base and out turned the now beautiful shade of red solid Anita. The Sorceress smiled and raised the back of Anita's head to her lips and applied her to herself. This sent shockwaves of pleasure through Anita's still conscious mind, a side-effect of the spell that turned her into this, once the Sorceress finished applying a good layer she turned the base lowering Anita back inside it and then put the lid back on, placing the container on the shelf with the rest of her products. Anita's mind went from pleasure and shock to sadness and despair, despite knowing consciously that being used would cause her to wear down and away and eventually be discarded, it made her feel such intense bliss and would be all she would have to look forward to now. While not being in the Sorceress' presence or in use caused her mind great agony. She would have to get used to it, as the Sorceress only would use her for special occasions. The bad news for the Sorceress is now she has to find a new apprentice, the good news is she has a new favorite lipstick.

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