Rare Specimens

The Lurking Tentacle

The young woman jumped, grabbing the edge of the wall. She struggled to pull herself up, finally getting one leg and then the other up onto the stone blockade. Minding the ornate metal bars along the top, she tried to lower herself down the other side. Instead she tumbled down, landing roughly in the undergrowth.

Sitting up, she shook her head to clear it. She snatched her fedora from where it had fallen and set it back on her head. Brushing herself off, she began to creep through the unkempt plant life. Apparently no one came this far from the main garden pathways. That was good, it looked like Mira's information was correct. She just hoped the satyr-girl wasn't mistaken when she claimed to have seen those specimens here. Normally she didn't like to trespass, but she'd heard the owner wasn't exactly the kind to worry about the sciences. Besides, she'd nipped things from eccentric's gardens once or twice.

Pushing her way deeper into the garden, she stopped to examine the leaves of an unusual bush. If she'd been more attentive, she might have noticed the curve of the wood under her hand as she leaned against a tree.

The tree certainly noticed. She closed her eyes at the sensations the hand on her breast caused.

Paying the rather feminine oak no mind, the girl continued on her way. It was too bad, it might have served as a warning had she merely glanced at it.

"Aha!" She exclaimed, spying something. Reaching into her satchel she produced a small book. Kneeing down, she compared the mushroom on the page to the one she'd just found. With a smug smile she tucked the book away. Reaching out, she carefully plucked the thing from the ground. The soft flesh of the fungus seemed warm under her touch as she dropped it into a pouch in her satchel.

With that, she set off in search of more prizes. However she only made it a few steps when she suddenly felt a hot flash sweep over her. She staggered a bit, her satchel falling from her hand. Breathing heavily, she made it a couple more steps before the world started to spin around her. She gasped as the ground seemed to spring up towards her.

Some time later, the unfortunate girl began to blink slowly awake. Looking around blearily, she saw her hat lying a good distance away. Strangely enough, the sun wasn't in her eyes at all. Before she could really ponder that, a serpentine tail snaked around the worn article and lifted it off the ground. She gawked at the absolutely enormous creature that appeared before her. If she'd stopped to think, she might have realized that the creature couldn't possibly be that large, unless her headpiece had grown as well.

The twin female forms, lacking arms, atop the long serpent's body examined the hat. "In... truder," One head began and the other finished. It looked about wearily.

The frightened girl tried to run, but found herself unable to move. It must have been out of fear, or at least she believed so.

When nothing was immediately obvious, the fedora was placed on one of the creature's heads. "I wonder, if thisss, look, isss me?" It remarked to itself, the heads taking turns in the sentence. The opposite head regarded the one wearing the hat briefly before they decided, "No, it'sss, not me." Nonetheless, the hat remained on as she slithered away.

After the odd creature had vanished, the girl again tried to move. Though she couldn't manage more than a slight quivering. She did notice the cool breeze caressing her and finally looked down at herself as best she could. Her bare breasts stood out, carrying an odd pallor. She started to get nervous as she found her shoulders devoid of arms. Fervently taking stock of her location, she noticed for the first time the change in scale around her. Slowly, she looked up, afraid of what she'd find. Frilly ridges hung from the wide brim sprouting from her head. She felt like she might hyperventilate as she realized the unavoidable truth. She was a mushroom!

Suddenly, something heavy landed on her head. To her distress, a finger traced along her new, sensitive top.

"Well what do we have here?" A snide voice asked. Long fingers joined by membranous skin slid into view over the lip.

She felt a pair of breasts press into the soft flesh of her cap as a head joined the hands. It was definitely female, but with the large sensitive ears of a bat.

"Poking around somewhere you shouldn't have I see," She gloated.

The transformed girl wanted to bite out a response, but nothing came from her mouth. She didn't understand, her chest was heaving, but when she opened her mouth she couldn't manage a single sound.

This seemed to delight the batgirl, whose smile grew wider. "This isn't my Mistress' work, I'd know," She said, ignoring the angry fungi's further attempts at retort. "This doesn't seem like Hydra's style. Hmmm," She cocked her upside-down head and placed her thumb claw to her chin in thought. "I think I know what happened to *you*," She said, plinking a long finger on the girl's nose. "This whoooole garden," She said, drumming her fingers once, "is full of transformation magic. Some things, like those used as spell components, just love to soak it up. So I'm betting you picked a mushroom," She grinned.

Hope bloomed in the shroom. This strange animal-girl seemed to know what was going on, maybe she'd help! She looked hopeful, nodding as best she could.

"Hah!" The bat laughed. "Looks like you'll make an excellent replacement for it!"

The steamed look on the girl's face only fueled Bat's laughter.

"You are rather cute though," Bat suddenly sprung on her.

That remark snuffed her anger with confusion. She regarded the odd girl with a slight look of fear, worried about what she implied with that statement.

"I wonder if you're soft and squishy ALL over," She said, prodding the girl's pliable shoulder. Holding on with her hands, she slid downwards just a bit, so she was within range of the girl's breasts. Bat nuzzled the space between them sensually, sighing into the cleavage. The girl winced in pleasure as Bat's fuzzy cheeks tickled her. She was both frightened and excited at what might happen.

Tilting her head, Bat began to lap at a nipple with her dainty tongue.

It felt wonderful, but it didn't seem to be building to a climax like usual. Her whole body began to heat up, from her top to the very bottom of what she realized were her roots. Her breathing picked up, her chest rising and falling, alternately offering her breasts to Bat's oral embrace and then pulling back teasingly.

Bat slid down farther, hooking her toes on the lip of the girl's cap.

Bat's claws pinched a little, but the girl didn't feel any real pain. More importantly she noticed that the batgirl was now arranged for a much more strategic attack. She felt the girl's broad, hand-like wings roaming her backside, squeezing and caressing the spongy flesh. She heated up even more as Bat pressed her lips up against her sex and sighed a deep, humming sigh.

"You have an... interesting scent," Bat commented. In fact, she could have sworn the girl's soft snatch was making her lightheaded. She nuzzled the Shroom's clit with her nose, feeling the gentle hair and smooth skin around her slight bush dance on her lips.

The poor mushroom bit her lip, her head swimming with the feelings and... something else.

Finally, Bat went in for the kill. She planted her face firmly between the sweet lips, using her tongue to great effect. The girl shook slightly under her ministrations, but no moisture appeared. The bat required her own service however, and moved her feet. Planting one on either side of the girl's cap, she thrust herself forward. She felt hot breath wisping across her crotch and sighed into the lips she was enticing, waiting for the silly fungus to get the hint.

Eventually, the girl did notice a slightly familiar scent in front of her. Cracking an eye, she gazed upon the black furred sex of the strange girl. Battling her indecisiveness, she eventually succumbed and plunged her tongue in. That brought it more than close enough to add more stimulation.

Bat was certainly enjoying herself. The girl was putting out a delicious amount of heat that certainly added to the experience. Everything seemed great, especially the colors. The swirling patterns of brilliance just drew her in. She gave up on searching for a drink of sweet nectar, remarking, "I guess mushrooms just can't come!" For some reason this seemed extremely funny to her. Bat began to laugh loudly, eventually shaking loose from her perch and tumbling onto the ground. That only seemed add to the experience and she chuckled up at the mushroom-girl's perplexed face, the girl's blushing, breathless expression frozen in mid-lick.

Through her own haze of blurred senses and slowly cooling pleasure, the scientist thought to herself, "There was something about that mushroom I should know, but I don't... care," She sighed as Bat's breasts pressed into her back.

The batgirl draped herself over the mushroom's shoulders, still giggling slightly, occasionally kissing her neck and cheek gently.

Meanwhile, in the halls of the stately mansion not too far off, the beautiful woman sauntering down the elaborately carpeted passageway suddenly stumbled. "What did that flying rat of mine get into now?" She asked herself, shaking her head. "I'll turn her into a... a..." She stared into space, the words eluding her. A bit of a snort escaped her lips and slowly, like a massive tree, she toppled over backwards. "This carpeting is really lovely, all the wonderful colors," She said to the open air. "You really make the best carpet, do you know that?" She asked the floor with a slight giggle, running a finger through the plush.

For the record, the carpet was extremely flattered, while the chandelier eyed the Sorceress nervously.

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