The Poah'ka

The Myth

"Gather round younglings and hearken to the heroes from the days of yore, learn from their examples and rejoice for due to their valor the Poah'ka are no more. For the Poah'ka were the mightiest of foes, standing tall, with powerful limbs – capable of running and jumping great distances, long mobile ears which could hear the softest of sounds yet never the cries of mercy or compassion, eyes which could see the slightest of movement, paws tipped with claws that could shred the stoutest of armor, two razor sharp fangs protruded from their lips, fur crackling with energy, a lethal fluffy cotton tail, and a vicious streak a mile wide.

But fear not children for the Poah'ka are no more….. "

So begins hundreds of tales when other species are asked about the race known as the Poah'ka. They universally talk about a race of fearsome warriors, huge furry monsters capable of incredible feats of strength, armed with sharp teeth, and claws. Of a single figures who armed with fantastic weapons, blazing speed, and fury, seemingly appeared from nowhere to destroy regiments of skilled and seasoned warriors in a horrifying instant. An opponent fit only for the greatest of heroes, a monster, who finally succumbs to the hero's greater power, bravery or clever trick at the end of a long, epic battle. But when asked if they really existed, the story tellers almost always smile indulgently and calmly state, "they're just an old mother's tale used to make naughty children behave," or more commonly "Poah'kas do not exist".

But they are wrong. Poah'kas do exist.

Actual Appearance:

As a result of The Disaster, nearly every male and female Poah'ka has been transformed into their racial equivalent of a super model, an attractive, shapely, often voluptuous bunny girl, standing about 5 to 6 feet complete with adorable large glowing eyes, pouty kissable lips, a flirty powder puff tail, and long shapely legs. Most fur markings appear to be genetic, and many dye their naturally brown, black, white, gray fur into a variety of shades and colors. They will usually have a large assortment of what appears to be decorative jewelry, with are actually a personal cache of miniaturized hidden weapons, shields, holographic generators, and other high tech devices. All Poah'kas encountered will always have at least their protective shield and holographic camouflage generators on their person at all times. Considered one of their pleasant side effects, the protective shield provides and maintains a constant comfortable environment allowing them to dispense with clothing except for a decorative effect. Wearing either a skimpy bikini, with a hole cut out for their tail, a lingerie style uniform, or a leotard style uniform with a few accessorizing collars and cuffs. They have also displayed a fondness for the tuxedo style top coat as it shows off their tails rather nicely and gives them a stylish look.

The Terrible Truth (Back-story)

One of the oldest species in the Mythic Universe, the Poah'ka once patrolled the galaxy like titans. Already a physically impressive species averaging over 2 meters tall, with well defined muscles, blessed with incredible speed, endurance and physical coordination, good eyesight, exceptionally sharp hearing, and swift reflexes, a skilled, well trained Poah'ka warrior was more than a match for nearly any opponent even before employing their weapons. Poah'kas had already mastered energy field manipulation for shields and holographic technology, developed techniques for dimensional manipulation and construction (TESERAC storage), and appeared to be on the verge of conquering time itself when The Disaster happened.

Working in what they believed to be a secure dimensionally shielded and quarantined state of the art bio-hazard facility, Poah'ka scientists had developed the first of what they hoped would be a long series of advanced medical nanoprobes. To this day, the source of the containment breach has never been discovered. But the results were cataclysmic. The contagion spread like wildfire. Within 72 hours, every Poah'ka on the planet had been infected and transformed into the form they retain to this day, soft, extremely cute and sexy humanoid bunny girls. Seemingly overnight, the mighty Poah'ka were no more.

For the relatively small number of Poah'ka scouts and scientists studying the other races, and trapped off planet due to a hastily imposed quarantine, they faced terrible choices. Should they ever return home, it meant instant infection and the inevitable transformation into another young, winsomely, cute supermodel bunny. To their credit many of the older scientists returned and attempted to work in protective isolation laboratories to find a cure, ultimately succumbing to the nanoprobes when the inevitable mistake or slightest breach in quarantine occurred.

General Notes

For some unexplainable reason, Humans fascinate the Poah'ka. Unaided by technology, certain humans, often young children and more rarely an adult, demonstrated the ability to see directly through their personal camouflage shields. Yet rather than react in horror, they were almost universally friendly. And no matter how well disguised, young humans could unerringly find their hidden observation blinds, no matter how cunningly hidden beneath their dressers, under the beds or inside of closets. And while initially terrified at the self protection illusions, their innate bravery would come out as over time they transformed the monster into a playmate. By the time they finally learned of The Disaster, many Poah'ka had long ago lost their objectivity and started adopting those special Humans. At first they considering them as pets, but increasingly came to look on them as surrogate children. Anxious to see their adopted charges succeed; they have occasionally provided what they thought would be helpful hints suggestions or inspiration, acting as a subtle invisible muse, although often with very unanticipated, unusual results. For example, young man named Hugh went on to create his own private bunny colony, inspired by what he considered the ideal life of a male Poah'ka in a breeding colony overheard from his invisible friend at an impressionable age. Young John and Eric included a childhood memory of past Poah'ka battle glory in one of their movies. And guided by her personal muse of mathematical poetry, Ada Byron, Lady Lovelace, provided uncanny insight and advice into what would become world changing inventions by her contemporaries Faraday and Babbage. As humanity spread out among the stars, the task of monitoring their protégés has been increasing taken up by those Poah'ka who survived the nanoprobe plague.

The Poah'ka have since changed their homeworld into the greatest pleasure planet in the galaxy. Nicknamed Dowd’s Pleasure planet, or Bunnyworld, it quickly became a favorite stop for weary space travelers for its ample relaxation and entertainment opportunities, ranging from sandy beaches, beautiful scenery, luxurious spas, hotels, casinos and brothels that can cater to any desire. But the greatest attractions are the legions of pretty bunny girls, known as Tulmurians, named after the continent used for the spaceport, who staff all of the attractions. Having been transformed into an all female race, the Poah'ka created a secondary nanoprobe virus that allows them to utilize any male for breeding. Volunteers working at the resort are highly skilled in the arts of pleasure and quite enthusiastic about carrying out this collateral duty. Besides with their ability to manipulate their appearance to be attractive females of any race, they seldom lack for willing partners. The resulting children of these unions are inevitably female Poah'kas.

The other darker secret is that the original nanoprobes are still active. Originally designed to work on Poah'ka biology, short term visitors are generally safe as the nanoprobes lack the necessary time to analyze their genetic structure, reprogram themselves and convert potential new host. But for those who remain for an extended time, approximately consecutive 6 – 8 weeks on planet, and often sooner for those who have extensive intimate contact with the Tulmurians, the virus can complete its adaptation, gain a foothold in their system and begin the conversion process. Once the symptoms being to show, the change is unstoppable. Those infected by "Bunny Fever" are taken to a special hospital isolation ward for treatment, actually to avoid panicking the other tourists and sad reports are sent back to their home planet or ship that the victim met with an unfortunate accident during their stay and died. In addition to a slight persistent fever, the typical early symptoms of the impending change are elongated front teeth, lengthening ears, a twitchy nose, an increasingly sensitive chest, and the emergence of a cute fluffy tail. Over the following 7 to 10 days the patient’s body becomes increasing curvy and feminine as the fur spreads and the Tulmuarian characteristics become ever more pronounced. By the end of the process, the new Tulmurian is indistinguishable from any naturally born on the planet and after an intensive training regiment; ready to start work in their new career at the resort/casinos.

By Mad Scientist

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