The Phyra are a small and peaceful race. Standing less than 30cm (1ft) tall they are not physically intimidating and have never been capable of fighting off enemies. They appear to be diminutive humans with insect like wings coming from their backs. Able to fly they have always tried to avoid conflict. This aspect of their society has grown with them, so that the idea of ending another person's life is unthinkable. For several thousand years this race has enjoyed prosperity and growth. Crime was unheard of and their technology soared.

This was before the Herapi discovered their planet.

The Herapi instantly viewed this race as a commodity, but due to their tiny size they weren't useful as slaves. Dozens had to be merged together to make even one useable worker. Finally some nameless Herapi tasted the new found species. The Holocaust had begun.

The Herapi found that the taste of the Phyra was beyond description. It didn't take long before Phyra based dishes graced every Herapi table. Soon specially designed slaves invaded the Phyra's home planet to harvest this new crop.

The Phyra pleaded and tried every diplomatic method to stop the slaughter. Nothing worked. Within a few generations the Phyra were all but extinct. The last enclave of this doomed people built a ship and managed to break through the Herapi blockage to escape into hyperspace. This ship traveled for many years before the crew found a new world. Named New Avalon the world was a paradise. Great forests, rolling fields, calm seas truly a perfect world for them to start new.

However it was not too long before relief turned into horror. A small Herapi vessel landed on their planet to explore it for new bio matter. The Phyra hid, but knew it was only a matter of time before the culling began again. They had powerful nanonics that they had brought with them to help terraform the world had it not been so perfect. Instead they decided to use it on there enemies. They imbedded the nanites into their own bodies and set them to be sheded through the pores in their wings. They then flew to the Herapi, swarming them. They shook nanite dust all over the scouts and their ship. Some Phyra were lost but every crew member from the ship was dusted. The nanites dug into the Herapi's skin and quickly began to change them. Some grew roots and leaves while others shrunk and twisted into other shapes. Even the ship itself melted into a small hill of rich loam. Soon the entire scouting party had formed a beautify glade, some formed into trees, some as mushrooms, and a few into living moss covered rocks. Most of them kept some form of their basic shape and all of them kept their minds and remained fully aware, for even when confronted by their mortal enemies the Phyra could still not bring themselves to kill.

That glade still stands on the Phyra's planet, as anyone who visits can see. But like that glade anyone who visits will find themselves permanent residents. The Phyra can never risk anyone leading the Herapi back to them. So all new comers to the planet are greeted warmly, given food and made to feel at home until the entire ships crew steps foot onto the planet. Then they are thoroughly "dusted" and added to the planets lovely landscape. The Phyra make sure that they apologize to the new flora and take very good care of them. So far this has kept them safe.

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