Panlings are an enigma. No one is certain where they are from. In general appearance the look like the Satyrs of ancient earth lore, only with long tails and spots all over their skin. They don't seem to have any technology of their own and rarely use that of other races. However they can manipulate reality around themselves.

Their ability to change the world around them is very limited. It's unknown what the ultimate range and limits of their powers are, and it's doubtful that they know themselves. They have the ability to teleport and pass through matter. Also Panlings can and do change their shape at will. They are also known to be able to change the shapes of others. Though this ability can only be used within a couple of meters at most and usually require touch to achieve it. They are one of the few races that can alter a victim of K'N'Tara trans weapons, however it's rarely back to the victims original form.

The Panlings seem to have no weaknesses. They appear to be immortal and immune to all damage. They can eat anything at all, from the walls of a bulkhead to radioactive matter. In one report a Panling stranded a ship in the middle of deep space because she ate all the antimatter in the ships reactor. The reason for this was that "She likes spicy food". A Panling can even breathe in a pure vacuum, as well as talk in one, which is very disconcerting to others. Transformational weapons can be used on them but only until the Panling gets bored with its new shape.

Panlings would be able to conquer and rule the galaxy if it wasn't for the fact that they have an attention span best measured in nanoseconds. They're also always friendly and never intentionally cause harm. Thatís not to say that they don't accidentally cause massive problems. From bothering a ships crew with tons of irritating questions to eating vital parts of an army's infrastructure.

It's always a good idea to be careful with what one says around a Panling. People who complain about too much work to do will sometimes find themselves with extra arms. One member of the K'N'Tara resistance asked a Panling to change them back to normal. The exhuman was changed, but not back to human, he was changed into a Mediezan. However a person who ignores a Panling's questions and bantering often gets new large rabbit like ears for them to hear the Panling better.

Panlings love to modify people in small ways giving them tails, horns, new ears or spots. They do this as a favor to others to make them prettier. On rare occasions they have even changed people into new Panlings. The new additions to their race gain all the abilities of the Panlings and very quickly lose track of there old lives as their attention spans are also changed, although they seem to retain all their past knowledge. They just don't seem to care anymore.

If Panlings reproduce then it's never been observed. Most Panlings appear to be female but this may simply be some form of fashion statement due to there ability to change forms at will. Even thought they arenít preoccupied by sex they have been known to enjoy each others bodies from time to time. They are not shy about this, and sometimes will bring other races in on the fun.

The different races in this galactic arm view the Panlings in different ways. K'N'Tara see them as a minor irritation, and try to ignore them or get them to go away and leave them in piece. The Medieza find them to be amusing and fun to watch, but are also wary of them. They think that the Panlings could be the messengers of the gods so it's considered a great honor to have a part of your body changed by a Panling. The Herapi hate Panlings and because of this Panlings love to visit and bother them. Herapi spend a great deal of their stolen finances in finding a way to rid them of these pesky aliens once and for all. So far they have completely failed.

K'N'Tara Resistance report:

"We managed to contact a member of the Panling race to assist us in our fight for freedom. She expressed great interest in our cause. Then she expressed great interest in a shiny piece of metal and Martha's ears. She then ate two of our grenades and took a nap. Eventually she gave Chen spots all over her body and teleported away with one of our bigger guns."

"I think that further contact with the Panlings might be a waste of time."

Herapi report on extermination of Panlings:

"Three standard days ago we tested our first Gravity Flux bomb. Before doing this we lured several of the damned Panlings onto the test planetoid. The bomb was successfully activated destroying the planet. Once the heat dissipated we sent a slave probe in to examine the damage. That is when we found all of the Panlings playing tag amongst the new asteroids. May both gods save us from these creatures."

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