Back to Nature

Story by Toolman19
Art by Naga

The sun shone down through thick canopy, filtering down to the foliage on the forest floor. The fading sound of chainsaws buzzed lightly through the late afternoon breeze. Animals that used to call this place their home, had left not shortly after man had begun to destroy their habitat, leaving only the small herbivores and birds in the area.

Matt came clumping up the hillside with only his axe in his hands. He looked back over his shoulder, down at camp where they were still working for at least three more hours. After being at his uncle's logging camp for a week, Matt sorely hated it. Thankfully he got Chaves to cover for him, and only for twenty bucks. He turned up his walk-man as he turned back up the trail. Uncle John wasn't going to be hitting this far up the hill until late next week, so he didn't have to worry about being crushed or caught by the work bosses.

He still couldn't believe that his parents hi-jacked him out here. Just because that bitch had to go and get pregnant on him, he had to 'Get Responsible', and get enough money to take care of her. And when those five jerks left work to go into town three days ago and didn't return, Uncle John doubled shifts to make up for the loss. All of this was not worth the hassle and work he was being forced to do. Matt continued up the hill as the foliage began to get thicker. A few minutes later, Matt stumbled into a small clearing.

A large pine reached high for the clouds, shading the entire clearing. A soft carpet of pine needles littered the floor. 'Might as well hide out here for now.' he thought. He walked over to the tree, sat down and laid back against it. Tugging his ball cap over his eyes and turning his music low, Matt set out to blow as much daylight as possible.

The sun crossed the sky, continuing its constant drift to the west, dropping behind the mountains, letting the light of the cosmos light up the night. A cool breeze swept across the mountain, giving a welcomed relief to the evening's heat. A figure stepped into the clearing, moving over to the sleeping figure. "Not much to work with, but I've had worse before." and moved two feet in front of him and sat down.

An hour later, a slight breeze crossed Matt's face, rubbing his face and waking up. He reached up to adjust his cap, but ended up running his hand through his hair. "Wha.." Matt looked down and saw his cap lying in his lap. He reached for it and stopped short. For some reason, he thought, his arm looked a little different. But he just couldn't put his finger on it. "Ah good, you're awake." Matt looked up in surprise and saw the owner of the voice.

To call her beautiful would be an insult of the highest order. She was beyond simple words. Even in the moonlight, she shined. 'Wait a minute, moonlight, damn I'm in trouble now.' raced across his mind. "Oh come on now. Just relax. No one will know your gone." the vision of beauty said. "I just want to talk with you before you have to go back."

"Uh sure," he said. Was there any other answer?

She began to talk to him, and he remembered to nod and say the obligatory yes or no when needed, but gazed at every facet of her. Burning the image of her into his mind. The way her light chocolate colored skin shone. Her curly hair framing her glorious face, which not a smidgen of make-up had ever touched. The multi-colored dress spread out around her where she sat, hiding what must have been glorious legs. Her breasts pushed out proudly against the fabric of her dress, with absolutely no signs of a bra underneath. A warm tingle run down Matt's body towards his crotch, yeah his body certainly liked what it saw.

Matt slowly reached his hand down to his crotch, 'Maybe,' he thought 'she might want to help me with my little muscle cramp.' His hand moved under his hat and into his pants, and when he reached his underwear, he found nothing. Not his balls, not his rod, just smooth skin. And with little pretenses of being subtle, Matt knocked his hat aside, ripped open his jeans and boxers, and saw nothing but a small patch of short dark green hair.

"What the Hell..." he screamed.

"Well, at least I've got your undivided attention now Matt." she said.

"What did you do to me you bitch!" Matt screamed at her.

"Now Matt, nothing was ever solved by name calling, so just relax." as she waved a hand at him. Matt felt all the fear and anger drain out of him like water from a sink.

"What did you do to me?" he whined again.

"It's like I said before Matt. I'm Gaia, living embodiment of the planet, and I'm not too happy with the way my tenants are keeping the place. And since I just can't destroy all of you without destroying all other forms of life, I've decided to get into the recycling business."

Matt ran his hand down through his pubic hair only to feel the outer lips to his new vulva. His eyes were drawn to his arm as he finally noticed what was wrong with it. His once strong muscular arm, had shrunk becoming slender and graceful. His hand became thin and delicate, while his skin began to take on a light green tint. "But why me?" he whined.

"You weren't paying attention to me at all, were you Matt." Gaia sighed. "Your race has done nothing but take from me. And even though that's what I'm here for, you leave nothing for any other living being. I'm just here to take back that which is mine, by any means necessary. And you Matt, well its nothing personal, just business."

The tingling from his crotch had moved its way up to Matt's chest. Pressure began to build up in his pecks, and as Matt watched, they both began to inflate. Within scant minutes, his new breasts pressed tightly against his once loose tee shirt. His seems began to strain and pop from all the strain of growth. His nipples almost tore through the shirt itself, as big and erect as they were. 'I've got to get out of here, before this crazy witch can finish whatever she's doing to me.' Bracing one hand on the tree behind him, he tried to move his feet only to find them both securely planted to the ground.

"You don't want to do that Matt, you'll disrupt your roots before you're done." Gaia stood and made her way over next to Matt. "Don't worry Matt, not many mortals get to help me out like this. Plus you'll have those five others to keep you company."

"What are you doing to me." whined Matt, his voice climbing the octaves and becoming huskier.

"Why you're becoming a dryad Matt, one of my better efforts I must say." as she ran her hand through Matt's hair as it quickly was replaced with pine needles. "You and the five others will seduce other humans out here, make love to them, and they will become either trees or forest animals, whatever is needed to equal out the balance. All of you will happily do this until you have replaced every tree those men down there have cut down. After that you will be free to go if you wish." Gaia motioned toward the tree behind him. "And this tree will be your home, tied both together. You will live as long as this tree lives." As she continued to stroke his hair, Matt quickly found it harder to remember to anything. His family, friends and past life all faded away. Only to be replace with the gentle reassurance of the tree behind her, comforting her in a way she never been before. Her new mind wandered to thoughts of making love with many of the lumberjacks down the mountain, with Chaves pictured first in his mind.

"Now you just rest tonight in your tree, and tomorrow you can start having fun." The glazed look in Matt's eyes was quickly replaced as she carefully stood. Leaning back against the tree, Matt slowly began to sink back into it. Her dainty feet pulled out from her boots, trailing roots from the bottom of her soles. Matt continued until only her face stood out from the bark.

"Goodnight Mother."

"Goodnight child, sleep deep." Gaia replied and began to walk out of the clearing.

The next morning, a lone search party came upon the clearing and the strange sight of Matt's clothing laying in a pile at the base of a huge pine, with his axe next to the clothes. The searchers gathered up the clothes and headed back to camp, while the soft echo of a feminine giggle filled the forest.


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