"If there is one race that appreciates good cuisine more than any other, it would be the Myrrae. That said, if there is one cuisine that the Myrrae favor more than any other, it would probably be you." -The Traveler's Manual to the Universe, Chapter Seventeen: The Magnificent Myrrae

The Myrrae are an aquatic race. Long-lived, they have had the time to build an extensive civilization, with many centuries of detailed lore and archives. But in spite of this, they have a primal instinct, an insatiable desire which they cannot ignore.

The Myrrae are carnivores. More than carnivores, they are gourmets of meat. They love meat in all its forms, and their favorite dish is the meat of sentient beings.

The Myrrae are a fairly introverted race. They do not actively seek war with other races, but generally keep to themselves on the planets they colonize. That said, they protect their planets with violence and savagery.

A planet is considered colonizeable by the Myrrae if its surface area consists of seventy-five percent or more water. The Myrrae then "claim" the planet by bombarding the land-surface with deep bore-charge missiles, which rupture the continental shelf and ultimately sink most of the land-mass.

The Myrrae species is separated into three distinct castes, each with a distinct bodily shape- the Primae, the Secondus, and the Terts.

The Primae are the governing caste of the Myrrae, a savage heirarchy of large, pale beings with humanoid upper torsoes and fishlike lower bodies of various forms. They vary in length from seven feet to thirty feet, head to tail. They can live for over a century, and grow all their lives. The elder Primae govern over all younger Primae, with the eldest forming a tight and secretive council that governs the entire race. One can climb in the Primae heirarchy by devouring one's superiors, but the older ones are easily more vicious and dangerous than their younger counterparts, a trait which doesn't seem to fade until death. They have a firm utilitarian principle- those who do not contribute are eaten. They are all female.

The Secondus are also all female. They constitute approximately one third of the population. They are a worker caste, sterile, designed and bred for labor. Their distinguishing feature, unlike the rest of the Myrrae species, is the presence of scaled legs instead of a tail. This allows them to function on land, when needed. Unlike other Myrrae, who must remain immersed at all times, Myrrae Secondus can spend up to sixteen hours at a time out of water, provided they have a regular source of moisture. A Secondus at birth is less than a foot in height, and the tallest they grow is about seven feet. Their scaled bodies are covered in sharp ridges, useable as natural weaponry against enemies. To use these against a Primae, however, is treasonous, and punishable by being eaten alive. Secondus are usually treated as property, belonging to a Primae, but are not at all resentful of this. They view it as an honor to serve. They are also extremely agile and flexible, and terrifying fighters to behold.

The Terts are all male, and constitute approximately one sixth of the total Myrrae populace. They grow to seven or eight feet in length, from head to tail, and are broad and muscular in build. They are the lowest of the low in Myrrae society, and have two jobs- guards and breeders. Should they fail at either job, or should they no longer be useful, they are eaten. Terts are rarely given names, as they are less than property. They do not speak, nor exercise any rights. They are circulated freely among the populace, unlike the Secondus, who belong to one or two Primae specifically. A Tert's purpose is communal.

Myrrae spacecraft are formed from tightly-packed, space-tight coral, formed in a very secret process that only the eldest and highest-ranking Primae know of. These craft are among the few technologies that this otherwise savage and almost primitive race possess. The Myrrae see no need for most technology, aside from their continental bore missiles, their spacecraft, and some simple moisture-retaining devices designed for Secondus travel. A Myrrae ship is ninety-two percent filled with enriched water, the remaining space forming an additional protective layer around the water-space.

Myrrae do not take prisoners in combat, they take meals. Their ideal of diplomacy usually involves accepting an offering of victims in exchange for a cease-fire. While they do not pursue any enemies, they particularly enjoy battles with the Herapi, whose bio-technological vessels can often be salvaged for a tasty snack.

Myrrae lore speaks of a progenitor race that may have been a common evolutionary root with the Herapi. This mythic progenitor race, which the Myrrae call the S'reni, may have reached an evolutionary schism when, according to ancient documents, "They could not agree on whether to fly in the seas, or to swim in the skies." Regardless, the savage cruelty common to both races may suggest some validity to this claim, although it is yet unproven.

Common Myrrae views on the other races:

K'N'Tara- "Four legs are even worse than two. An impractical race. Should they ever attempt to take what we have claimed, we shall show them how to properly subjugate a race- and by subjugate, we mean cook."

Medieza- "Another people of no legs. Perhaps we may have something in common. Unfortunately, they're not particularly good to eat- they taste rather bitter, just like they act."

Herapi- "Nothing more delightful than freshly cooked wings."

Panlings- "Our chief science-chefs have yet to capture one of these creatures long enough to find the proper combination of seasonings and sauces. Once we have, however, a feast of shanks shall begin."

_________________ -Felnaari

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