While many races strive for grace and honor, others aim for brute force and ignorance. The Mynotaers could never be described as cultured or delicate. Large, low tech, and ill tempered however fits them just fine.

The Mynotaers stand 3 or more meters tall and have a rough bovine look. Horns, hooves, and a tail complete the set. Both males and females are large and belligerent, with neither dominant over the other. Instead they dump all of their woes on the other intelligent race that they share their planet with. They have a technology similar to that of late 1800s earth. Gunpowder and steam power rule their world.

This species wouldn't be a concern for the rest of the galaxy if it wasn't for a Herapi vessel that discovered their home world decades ago. For some as yet unknown reason the biomass of Mynotaers is resistant to the Herapi's attempts to break it down and reshape it. Some truly horrific and dangerous creations resulted, and the Herapi gave up there experiments, for the time being. Instead the Mynotaers seeing a possible business arrangement offered there services to the Herapi. Now Herapi raiding parties consist of themselves, war slaves and Mynotaers. The Mynotaers are more expendable than expensive custom slaves and only ask for a small cut of the captives and loot.

Before the Mynotaers take their share of captives they ask the Herapi to put them into the conversion pits and modify them a bit, to make them more like what the Mynotaers are used to. For the other Race that lives on their planet are the Ios.

Ios are similar to their much larger cousins but lack both their size and there temperament. For their entire history they have been dominated by the Mynotaers. They are the ones who develop the technology that their masters use, they also cook, clean, and do all the other jobs that Mynotaers can't be bothered with as they blow stuff up. Also while Mynotaers are known to wear clothing on occasion Ios never do, aside for a belled collar that all must wear. Incidentally the new "Ios" supplied by the Herapi always tend to be a little shorter, as the Herapi like to skim from the top.

So far this current arrangement between the Mynotaers and the Herapi has helped line both species pockets and brought grief to the rest of the galaxy.

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