By Marlene

Mermaid By Marlene Before I begin my tail (inside joke y’know!), I need to introduce myself. The name’s Marlene, one of my Mistress Kinky X’s hench babes. Right now I’m Her Number Two, and my hated rival Suki is currently Her Number One and I’m constantly scheming for ways to usurp her post and take over her spot.

How I’ll do that in my current state I don’t know.

Who is Kinky X you ask? Well, she’s one of the most sadistic women I’ve had the chance to work for, and I love it! She keeps us hoping with helping her invent all these gadgets for the British Secret Service for agents like Ms. Elaine Blonde, Double-D7 -- License to Thrill. To see her in her imperious black leather catsuit, to-die-for stiletto boots and her lovely crop with which She keeps all of Her minions in line is spectacular.

Oh, I can’t forget to add the Nazi-style black cap she wears—which she says took off a Nazi officer after She killed him for daring to touch her (or so she says—but none of us dare question her... unless you like being suspended for a few months hog-tied above burning coals!).

As part of my job, I sometimes test Mistress’ toys on unsuspecting victims like naughty Catholic schoolgirls—and even ourselves.

I was allowed to leave the lab and go off on my first mission—to look for a statue in an ancient temple somewhere in the Amazon jungle. I just missed becoming a gold statue, but you can read about this adventure another time.

I was stalking my good friend and one-time partner Amy into this vortex which suddenly appeared in Regent’s Park in London. I usually stalk her in the park, because it usually ends up with us making love for hours in the bushes.

As I went through this vortex, I became a little light-headed and when my head cleared, I was walking through this... forest is what my mind told me it was. I mean the trees looked like trees—they were tall and had leaves and everything—except the trunks looked like women! I could see the eyes on some of them, and they all looked pleadingly at me, but I didn’t bring any of Mistress’ toys, and anyway most of them involve turning people into statues, so I couldn’t be of any help.

My twisted statuephile heart soared as I looked at so many stone statues of beautiful women in this forest. Some had ivy creeping over their hardened bodies and lichen had begun to form as well—which means they’ve been here for some time and have obviously been neglected! I’ll have to have a talk with whomever owns this place—statues are to be cared for... not allowed to look like these poor specimens!

As I followed my erstwhile companion, I could see a set of buildings off in the distance.

As I reached a clearing, I could see a large mansion with many statues of stone, gold, silver and even a few fountains gracing the grounds. It actually reminds me of Mistress’ own stately mansion outside London!

I saw Amy sneaking around the grounds, admiring the statues, as she’s been turned into a statue a few times and even a frieze at the temple I mentioned earlier, so I bet she’s beginning to be aroused—meaning fun time for me once she returns to the forest!

Suddenly, one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen in my entire life literally pops into existence behind Amy as she’s peering into one of the mansion’s windows. Dangling from her hand is what looks like a bat, but it’s no bat I’ve ever seen… are those breasts on its chest, and its face looks vaguely human too...

Anyway, I could hear the woman call herself The Sorceress claiming to be able to perform magic and said she punishes intruders for invading her lands. So that’s why all those trees look like women, and those statues really are... they were women trapped by this madwoman (of course I should talk... I work for a mad scientist!).

Uh ohhh... If what she said is true, then I’m toast! Just as I turn around to get the hell out of this crazy place everything went black.

I awoke in what looked like a giant tank of water, and as I thrashed around, I suddenly realized I was breathing it! What the hell’s going on here?!

As I became more aware of my surroundings, I found my hands were webbed and I had this long tail made of purple scales—I was a mermaid! Damn, this Sorceress was telling the truth!

Just I was going to start exploring this giant tank, a felt these two arms encircle my waist and I felt two breasts on my back.

Turning around, I saw this exquisite woman who had these beautiful brown eyes and a black fish tail below her waist.

Greetings, lover, I heard in my head. My name’s Moora, what’s yours?

Hoping to respond I thought back I’m Marlene, Moora... is there anyway I can get back to being human and getting out of this place?

Her smile darkened I’m sorry, Marlene. Once you become a part of the Sorceress’ collection, you’re here to stay.

As I started to become used to my new body, I could at least look on the bright side—I was still beautiful; my large bosom remained so, my waist was still tiny and since I love the color purple my new tail, was as gorgeous as the rest of me.

In all the years of being in Mistress X’s service, I’ve been turned into many types of statues—all in the sake of science, of course!

In my free time (when I’m not being punished by Mistress for some sort of infraction) I read the many stories on the Internet of women being turned into animals and things like centaurs and mermaids. It also helps to have a steady supply of toys to while away those hours in front of the computer screen. So I have a healthy ability to be flexible in any type of situation—not to mention flexible in body as well!

I see you’ve met one of My pets already, a voice boomed in my head. Putting my webbed hands over my now-pointed ears, I looked around to see where it was coming from.

My blood ran cold as I saw this giant face peer into the front of the tank. I wasn’t in a huge tank, I had shrunk! I was no bigger than a fish in the tank back in Mistress X’s office!

As best as I could I curtsied and thought back, Greetings Sorceress. You might want to know I’ll be missed any minute now my Mistress will come looking for me...

The lovely face broke into a smile and she actually laughed! Oh little one, how many times have my victims said that to Me. Bring on your Mistress X and her little toys. I’ll turn her into a carpet for me to wipe my feet on.

We’ll just see, won’t we? I thought back.

Would you like to see my power in full, little one? So she flicked a long red nail and my new tank mate companion Moora instantly became a 100% fish.

My eyes widened in shock, and I drooped my head. My apologies, Mistress, I thought back sadly, trying to project to her my remorse and shame.

Apologies accepted, Merlene, my new Mistress thought back and Moora returned to her semi-human form.

Moora gave me a dirty look and swam off to her castle. It guessed I’d have to find someplace else to sleep tonight, and I eventually dug a little pit of stones under an arch of rocks.

In the morning, I awoke and didn’t see Moora up and swimming yet, so I sneaked into her little castle home and saw her floating there asleep. I wanted to make it up with her for making the Sorceress turn her into a true fish for a few seconds, so I started to check her fishy body for a certain slit.

As my webbed hands probed her scales I found a mound I figured was her cunny and began to slowly lick the scaly area.

My ministrations must’ve done something, because I could see Moora smile and started to hear her moan with my ears and in my mind. I started to work further along her fishy cleft licking gently until it started to open.

I began to caress her clit and she opened her eyes dreamily. Keep that up and I’ll love you forever! she moaned.

As the day and weeks wore on, Moora and I found our little tank populated with more victims of the Sorceress. Most were fishy types like Moora (gobies, blue tangs, etc., others looked like sharks, even a few snails and anemones, but no other mermaids—I was the only one.

One day the Sorceress decided to visit our tank and the colony She created.

Greetings, Merlene, She cooed, enjoying your stay with Me?

Gathering those I considered my family around me I replied, I want to thank You, mighty Sorceress. I was lonely and bored even with Moora’s company and with the new additions to our colony I can truthfully say I’m happy.

I’m glad to hear you say so, Merlene, because I have some bad news for all of you, the Sorceress replied.

Shock ran through the tank and a couple of the girls even swam to the castle and hid.

I hate to ask this, Sorceress, but what’s the bad news?

Your tank is becoming much too small for the pets I’ve acquired, so you’re moving to a new home—outside.

Outside? cried Moora. Who’s going to feed us, how’re we going to keep warm? We’re tropical, fish, we can’t live outside! she said sobbing into my shoulder.

You forget, little Moora... I’m the Sorceress—you’ll be taken care of, my pets. And we were.

Just before moving day, the Sorceress asked to speak only to me—some people literally quaked with fear, for I could sometimes hear Her staff whisper complaints about what a chore it was to clean our home regularly and feed us every day.

Sometimes She would sneak up on them when they didn’t know it—meaning some of her girls became additions to our colony, others she’d turn into things like a feather duster, or a tiny waterproof vibrator She dropped into the tank we fought over until Moora and I restored order.

Swimming to the top of the tank I faced the woman who literally changed my life forever. You wished to see me, Sorceress? I asked.

Aye, little Merlene, she said civilly. I have a plan for your new home outside. When I first read your mind when I encountered you and your friend Amy, I saw you had a healthy fetish of becoming statues. I see you started to love being constantly transformed thanks to your Mistress Kinky X—a lady after my own heart.

Anyway, I envision you all in a bowl of a fountain and one of you is to become a statue—and I’m going to make you the statue, little Merlene.

Even though I loved my little colony, I truthfully missed my old companion and partner and wondered whatever happened to her.

I agree to be your fountain statue, Sorceress, but on one condition... may I please see what happened to my old pal Amy?

Agreed, little one, she thought to me and there was a flash of light.

I suddenly found myself standing next to the Sorceress my legs restored and human sized! I gave a mighty stretch but sad to lose my tail for the moment.

“Many thanks for Your kindness, Sorceress. I’ll forever be grateful for allowing me this indulgence.”

“I may be insane, but I’m not crazy, little one,” she said to me. “Unlike most of my pets and servants you and Amy are truly two of a kind—you actually love what I turned you into and now I’m granting you another fond wish. Follow me.” She then proceeded to give me a special tour of her grounds and the numerous statues gracing them.

As we approached one of the few fountains, I recognized a familiar shape and began to smile. “Here’s your old friend, little Merlene,” the Sorceress said warmly. And there she was.

Amy had this look of shock on her face, like she was surprised at her new form. Her hair and arms were swept back like one of those radiator caps you sometimes see on a Rolls Royce. Streaming out of her nipples was a stream of water and I could feel the bliss she was feeling as the water flowed out.

Gesturing to the statue my friend had become, I said, “May I?”

The Sorceress didn’t need to read my mind. “Absolutely, little one.”

I stepped up to my dear friend and began to caress and kiss her surprised face, and cupped her stony crotch, knowing somehow she knew it was me. I crouched down and drank some of the water flowing from a nipple then was able to suckle from her nipple for a few seconds.

Giving a hardened breast a stroke and feeling her mental moan of ecstasy, I regretfully stepped out of the fountain my friend had become.

Kneeling in front of the Sorceress, a said, “I have one last request Sorceress, put me next to my friend,” I humbly beseeched her.

“Granted, little one...” and the world once again went dark.

The next thing I knew I could somehow feel I had become the statue the Sorceress turned me into, feeling water flowing through my stony body and I felt constantly aroused from it. The feelings of happiness radiated from me like a beacon.

I felt the Sorceress approach, although I could tell my eyes were closed. She placed a finger on my stony brow and asked me, Through her projection I could see my new form through her mind.

I could see I was laying on a rock, my mermaid tail sweeping behind me in a graceful arc. My left hand was steadying me, while the other was next to my mouth as if I was blowing a kiss.

Water was flowing out of my mouth flowing onto my hand, trickling into the bowl where my lovers were swimming. Like Amy, water was also flowing out of my nipples. The joy and ecstasy was flowing out of me like the water pouring out of my body.

Ohhhhhh Sorceresssss... I cried, I love the new me!!

I’m happy for you, little Merlene. I even put your name on the fountain, little one.

Really, Sorceress? Why did you do that?

Call me crazy, little one, I guess you happiness effected me more than I thought.

It doesn’t matter Sorceress, I’m just happy I’m stone again.

Meanwhile, I could feel my friends and lovers swimming in the bowl, happy with their new home. They had a much larger place in which to swim and they all had little homes to sleep in instead of just the old castle which Moora still kept for herself.

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