In the deep oceans of Elentus 4 swim the Kilari. They are a peaceful and confident race having conquered their world thousands of years previously. They are aquatic with their fore arms acting as powerful fins and there lower legs having developed into manipulatory organs. The Kilari are able to live and breathe on land with assistance of leg crabs and lung squids.

The Kilari are fairly small creatures, two thirds the size of a human, and have had to use there minds to protect themselves from their dangerous watery world. Long ago they discovered that some animals could be tamed and were thus domesticated. Strong fish became animals of burden. Territorial fish defended kelp farms and house holds. With a lack of metals the Kilari couldn't develop technology, instead the turned to breeding their animals. Generations upon generations were bread, and culled and chosen. Chemicals were discovered that could improve some aspects and repress others. Thousands of years later their animals have been changed into fantastic shapes. The Kilari use massive whales to carry explorers into orbit, and giant shelled crustaceans are used as transport in space and on land, while violent attack animals are used to defend their world. Any technology that a race might have the Kilari have bread an animal that can duplicate or better it.

Fortunately the Kilari are easy to get along with. They never fight wars of aggression, but will defend any territory with the most vicious of living killing machines. Sadly these creatures are not terribly bright and have been known to start wars by accident by attacking innocent travelers who stumble into Kilari territory with out warning.

All Kilari are born male, but around their 20th year they change over to female and will remain so for the rest of their lives. Due to this quirk they treat any male of a race as a youngster, often talking down to them, and giving any female the respect an older wiser being deserves.

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