If any race in this arm of the Galaxy could be called truly evil then it would have to be the Herapi. Their entire economy and technology is based off of piracy and slavery. The Herapi look much like human women but instead of arms they have small feathered wings with claws, and on there feet long prehensile toes. Herapi can't fly unless on their home planet with its lower gravity, or with the use of an antigravity pack.

The technology of the Herapi is bio based. Their ships and weapons are all living creatures. They hijack the ships of other aliens to steal their goods and kidnap the crew and passengers. Any prisoners that can't be ransomed off are added to their ships or reshaped to be slaves. Victims are thrown into reprocessing pits where they are absorbed into the ship. They are then either added to areas of the ship as things like new computer processors, door openers, or weapon systems, or they are reborn in new shapes to be used as slaves or beasts of burden. If a particular item or beast needs to be large then many victims will be melded together.

A common sight on the bridge of any Herapi ship is a large plinth with a living sphinx like creature melded onto it surrounded by several limbless humanoid bodies also melded to the plinth. This is the ships main computer, the brains of the bodies are linked and the sphinx creature is the interface. The Herapi use pleasure and pain to get their newly acquired systems to obey their masters. Their victim's brains are rewired. Performing an ordered task gives the victim immense sexual pleasure, while disobeying and order brings about instant pain.

The Herapi claim to be the originator of all the races of this Galactic arm, however all the other Races chose to disbelieve this.

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