"Always sleep with at least two weapons, unless you're sleeping with someone, then make it three."

Due to the fact that the name these creatures have for themselves is unpronounceable to almost all sentient beings they are often known simply as "Goblins", or "Redcaps" because of their red hair. These bad-tempered creatures love fighting and are often hired out to anyone needing cheap troops, but remember you get what you pay for.

"Goblins" and their close cousins Thorlls are very durable life forms. Extremes of heat and cold don't bother them much, nor do corrosive atmospheres or even the vacuum of space. This is due to their strange biology. Like most life forms they are carbon based, however unlike most life forms they are also silicon based.

This dual chemistry makes them highly resistant to injury, and allows them to survive in many hostile environments. Their physiology is necessary because of the sun that their planet orbits. Normally "Klagnishtarite", their sun, is dim and far away leaving their planet in constant twilight, but all too often it erupts with horrifying solar storms that can last weeks or more. During these storms the "Redcaps" as well as all other animal life survive the light, heat, and radiation by literally turning to stone. While in this condition they are still aware and are capable of thinking, but because thatís not very much fun they tend to sleep a lot. Because of this survival mechanism any bright light or radiation causes them to stiffen to stone. This is the reason that unlike many aliens, they wear lots of clothing.

Because of their hardy nature they tend to be very violent. Since breaking a brick over someone's head is unlikely to do much damage fighting is viewed as socially acceptable behavior in any context. This attitude toward violence hasn't changed over thousands of years, so that even now that they have weapons that can actually kill one another they still don't think twice before pulling triggers.

These creatures, because of, or in spite of, their many wars have developed technology similar to that of mid 20th century earth. However even at this level of technology they are capable of space flight. This isn't too surprising because of their biology and the fact that vacuum isn't too big a deal. If things get too bad they simply turn to stone and drift for centuries till they find a new planet. This has allowed them to colonize their nearby space.

Any major injury or harmful situation causes these creatures to turn to stone. Starvation, exposure to very extreme environments, severe wounds, radiation, and asphyxiation are several reasons that they may petrify. While converted to stone the "Goblins" can slowly heal their wounds, but a truly mortal wound can leave a "Redcap" permanently turned to stone. Whether these creatures are really dead or simply trapped forever is unknown, and "Goblins" don't really care. If a "Goblin" doesn't change back within a month it's assumed that they arenít going to and are moved to a "Goblin" grave yard, where they form there own memorial statues.

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